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Saturday, February 14, 2015

TriStar TexaS Drone Stalking Criminal Charges Filed

*Bain & Co Private Security  
Obstruction of Terrorist Investigation Sharing 
of Information Senator Issa's
Hotel California 
See OCR Dallas ADA 06-15-2031 

Texas Tristar Counties 
Low Altitude Drone Stalking  Criminal Charges Filed 

Texas Tristar Counties 
Low Altitude Drone Stalking  Criminal Charges Filed Atascosa Sheriff 12-04429
See Accurate Ethnography "Oppression Texas Border District"

We Call Him General Patton
Ken Paxton Texas Attorney General

Military Drones Flown Under Orders by X Texas Governor Rick Perry, again; Perry Creates Public Panic and censors the press blames the Obama Administration, while undue Circus Show Senate Investigations Obstruct FBI Terrorism Investigations and place victims, witnesses, and informants in harm’s way.

*UTSA Federal Funds Eagle Ford Shale Security Private Investigators not the Secret Service 
ADA Complaint Valid and needs to be prosecuted other Texas Victims

How Did We Know It was the State of Texas violating a Federal Law and it was reported to several appropriate agencies?

Still waiting for prosecution of the Drone stalkers TriStar County plus La Salle County 2015012611 and Atascosa County First Report to Sheriff Sherman Atascosa via Secret Service and Our Family

What Happened After We Reported to Judge Criminal Coordinator  81st/ 218th Judicial District then Atascosa County Texas Video Sheriff's Interrogation Room
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