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Monday, February 16, 2015

Comal County Sheriff Homicide

Boeing George Bush Laura
The Comal County Has Due Cause for Another Homicide Case and I bet they actually investigate it this time
Sheriff Was Right Just Before a Similar Homicide
Heart Attack

Now I Can Say I Know the Exact Time of Total Organ Failure and TV Jacking
"code electric razor"

CRC-32 AFD773D3 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

CRC-32 0F3E31E5 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

Links To Comal County Texas Sheriff's 
Criminal Complaint
and Torture of Victims
What Follow Next was A Broken Back

Is Today Another Holiday?

The Unauthorized Use of BICE 
The Subsidiary is ICE
They Could of Save Me the Trouble or They Sent The Trouble or the 
Location Was Hacked [not likely]
A Waste of Billions of DHS Dollars 
Use in Texas To Kill Innocent People
Criminal Charges Filed At Seen of the Crime
Comal County Sheriff' Office 
Criminal Charge 15-01-4275
Suspects At Large is Federal Oil Worker Houston Texas
Harris County Needs To Send Us A Criminal Case Number - _________________
This led to the Death of an Elderly Lady Held as a Commodity
Texas Victims of Crime Should Assist Me in Two More Case Number
The Biggest Problem is the Share System Abused So Much It Does Not Work When Needed
Too Bad You Can't Choose the Sheriff Department that is best for the job. You gotta use what they got were it happened.

At 3:00 Am Just Leaving Houston Texas To Claim 
Qua Tam for Merck Deaths of 250,000 People
In a Motel Just Outside La Grange Texas
Attempted Break In and Murder of the 
Copticqueen and yours truly.
Hacker 07:12 03/12/2015[Dan Paxton Office No Response just another question what crime was committed]
The lawyer I am seeing on Monday
> > does not care about the law suit against Merck they are interested in the
> > Malpractice of Mathew & Associates and my original lawyer Kieth Jensen of
> > Fort Worth Texas. I think I would be more successful if I took every penny
> > out of my bank, flew to Las Vegas and bet it all on one blackjack hand then
> > my malpractice case interview in Houston. But I am going to proceed and meet
> > with them in Houston (a two hour drive) at 11:00 am Monday and play out my
> > last card.............. 
Mexican Male 40-55 Years Old Medium Build 5'6-5'9 
175 lb Distinct Mustache unshaven Beard
The Phone Was Tapped and We Were Tracked
By The Same Cell Phone The Drone Attack Was Used That Same Year
See Criminal Case Number 2015012611 LaSalle County Texas Sheriff's Office
The Travel and Attempt is a Record  Known To The FBI
Texas Victims of Crime needs to send a police Report on this attempted murder Harris County Sheriff's Office
No. 2015012611 Links to Phone Call

These Systems Were Also Use on 
The Honorable Barack Obama while President of the United States!
The Subsidiary is ICE

And The Information provided by your's truly lead the arrest and conviction of of several persons involved in the Merck poisoning and illegal distribution of boxed labels out of Porto Rico where they make lotto tickets 'Congratulations Juan on your recent win last week! You have the luck of the Irish'

Well Steve McQueen Get Paid While still on a foreign Terrorist Illegal Hit List 'Wanted Dead or Alive'  or will Texas just 'Tom Delay' Like VA Entitlements

This is not Game and This Report Numbers from Harris County Houston Texas is Expected To Be Provided by the Texas Victims of Crime

This is no Game

It is Shameful not to me but to law enforcement for this to go on so long
while people died. My numbers look large but they are lean.
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