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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We Can't Share! The Police Abuse The System We Don't Know How To Do It

When Sharing Was Not A Problem

Comal County Texas Sheriff's Needs Help with 
The Police Abused The System, We Can't Share, We Don't Know How To Do It."
Atascosa Sheriff's Office 13-06038

Try The Dry Dock for the Darby Queen Houston Harbor
They bought a boat and thought they got away with murder
There Goes Paul Ryan's Argument About Social Security 
"Some People Should Not Be On It"
Reports A Texas Governor RICO Political Leverage over the Exploitation of the Harmless Seniors Disabled
Texas Governor Rick Perry Harming the Harmless
Politics Over Abuse Is Crimes Against Humanity

How Many Days Until Christmas?
One Criminal Violation Against The State of Texas 
One A Day Until Christmas

Art The Heals The Sick And Comforts The Abused

  • HHS 64035254 Follow-Up After Town Hall Meeting by Congressman Pete Gallego Transcribe By HHS Washington D.C.
  • Elderly Woman Held As A Commodity Abused Until Dead Houston Texas
  • Hundreds of Texans Exploited Out of Mineral Rights Many Are Elderly
  • Homicide Electronic Exploitation
  • Disabled Electronic Exploitation
  • A Least One Case of Suicide Report to the FBI 
  • Copyright Thief
  • Illegal Hacking by the State of Texas sense 2001
  • Political Targets
  • Human Experimentation that brings harm
  • The 'Rick Perry Tracking System' Targeting with Deadly Force
  • Police Corruption
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