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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ask and you shall receive a Robo Call

What is Courage?
My Dog Taking a Rattle Snake Bite For Me
Give my dog Pump House the Medal of Honor

Ask and you shall receive 
Prosecute X-CIA Agent Congressman Will Hurd To the Fullest Extent of the Law 
And The CIA CEO Goes To Federal Prison
Retraction X-CIA is not employed with the Corporation
K-321 Send Check to 007 Bond Street
And This is a blog and of no account to anyone but me, just ask Google who does not pay. Certainly it is of no interest to the most sophisticated intelligence agency the world has ever known 
God Bless America!

"Give Credit where it is due"

03/03/2015 11:14 My Last Phone Call open for those troubled and in need of a friend such as a veteran suicide hotline was from 'Roy Acres' funeral home. I get these funeral calls every day usually with UT Texas digital signatures.

Sadly, I knew Roy personally before he died and he contributed to the community and served  those who could not serve themselves, living up to his Republican principals of yesterday but long forgotten. 

Roy Acres the local undertaker paid for many San Antonio Bar-b-ques and non-denominational religious revivals in San Antonio Texas. 

The last "Roy Acres' revival we attended he hired a little known local San Antonio Texas band before they were famous that wrote and sang the top 10 hit "Feeling Groovy"

This is Garfunkel’s version and it shows a historical abuse of copyright thief in the USA, who we are the only country on the planet that has not signed the copyright global policy at the pleasure of K street.

Anatomy of the Human Grey Body: Grey Anatomy        Paperback              1419654446

UTSA Project "How to Copyright a Book" - My Note Book: I Gave Citations to the wrong people in the back of the book noted and documented wrongly by Amazon paid to discredit targeted money makers, a well known complaint. The citations and movie script are mine after a PHD reviewed and told me I was giving credit where it is not due. The quotations actually belong to me and are copyrighted by me see Texas Victim of Crimes number VC15107094.

The editing process was hacked to prevent me and witnesses [unknown to the hackers] as we tried
 to get it grammatically correct. We stop editing when we ran out of money and publish what we could. 

We even used a well-known editor on that Houston Se breached and is in big trouble with the FBI.

The quotations in the book Anatomy of the Human Grey Body: Grey Anatomy that appeared at the top of the browsers  before the movie series “Grey’s Anatomy” are mine and the infamous book reviewer, who brags about his knowledge, and slams my book as someone else's great work. The reviewer is a phony from Sony and Copyright Pirate, who has left a road map for investigators of copyright thief, which I give him full credit for getting caught! 

I just got a B for not giving myself the credit for breaking a copyright infringement investigation protection impasse, requested of the DOJ by thousands of writers. 

Some of the propositions in Anatomy of the Human Grey Body: Grey's Anatomy are philosophical expressions that break impasse’s that are over 500 years old.

The reviewer busted himself trying to discredit me by using my own 'WONG Citations' that is how they got out of paying me for the 'Alien Name Paul.' They should of just gave me the $7,000.00  I asked  and put me in the credits. I am also credited to raise the capital from a backer to produce it and take a chance on my work.

Somehow, my brother miles away with no contact with me, associates an actor with the copyright thief, who Coolney would be a very poor actor as a ‘ Cowbody, see law suit Danny O'Dell vs George Clooney by a real Texas Cowboy.

My friend Roy the late undertaker of San Antonio made a living out of making sure people where dead before he laid them to rest. I know Roy would be proud if alive today, following my blogs he would know a lesson I learned from Roy "When you hang a man make sure he is dead."

You Asked and I Delivered. George Bennett has a bunch of Cub Scots working for him; they make me feel like the CIA Quality Assurance Director. They tried to get funding for a cartoon I did as if it were a real clandestine program call “Tinker Bell Pillow Talk.”

Federal Quality Assurance Department: 'We have the smallest number of personnel and the least of amount of money from the Federal budget.'

Then there are things we should be concerned about like hacking by Terrorist of the Custodian of the information illegally collected in Texas:

The Things I Find In My Own Backyard
VARS Radio Audio Visual
of your Automobile or the Privacy of your own home 

"The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away"

Ted Lavender Reporting from the 'Wanted Dead or Alive" Foreign Terrorist Hit List for information leading to the arrest and or death of said terrorist Protected by the CIA.

I Asked "Pay The Money Back"
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