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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Amazon Copyright Pirates Linked To Homicide

This is not a comic book or fiction

Listen closely the message may go right over your heads


Because They Steal My Records from my digital devices and home When Law Enforcement Ask Me A Question

After going to the FBI office in San Antonio Texas To Report Another Homicide after a threat Texas Police ignored, I specifically explain the letter from Texas Senator Zaffrini to me concerning police use of non-lethal weapons, I linked to Perry Tracking Tristar Surveillance to another homicide.  I explain to the intake specialist clearly under the tightest surveillance known to mankind, "There is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon."

This is after the Virginia Tech Massacre and the FBI still does not have records that are correct by an abused Texas sharing system that has sent innocent men to death.

"Thousands of Disabled Texans Have Been Stalked and Abused By Texas Fusion Centers"

Tomorrow, I will attend a funeral of a family member, a mother of a surviving 8 year old, who was stalked by Texas Fusion Centers, and when she complained to State Physicians, they claimed she was delusional.  

Send Donations That Will Go Directly To The Child's Caretaker To Air Force Federal Credit Union Acct: 20930681 Routing Number 314085504

This is the case when "Sharing Is Not Caring" and a criminal offense. This is not an isolated case, it is the majority of cases and surely account for the rise in suicides in Texas, reported to Human Health Services and Texas Senator John Cornyn, which includes disabled veterans. 

The worst case was a suicide in the elevator of a Human Health Services treatment center in San Antonio Texas (2010),  that  just installed the state of the art security cameras and surveillance equipment, paid in part or whole by Federal Dollars.

Texas Fusion Centers can and do take over all electrical appliances in your home, including your Television, Telephone, and Electrical Power. This type of control has always rested with the Secret Service (Includes all Federal National Security branches sworn to hold secret and not disclose) not with Texas State Police or politicians to hold power!

[Do I have to drive to Uvalde  County Texas To File a Sheriff's Report after filing a Nuclear Report at the VA Today? I Guess Steve McQueen Rides Again Hampton Inn Room 123 Visiting Uvalde, TX if the CEO is Aware the CEO is Liable for Criminal and Civil action]

San Antonio The Eagle Fm How Do You Spell Torture?
There Goes Your Argument "Our Broadcast is not torture"
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lives
Attachment for the FBI San Antonio Breach UT Systems
See ADA Valid Complaint 06-15-2031
Criminal Torture Charges Filed While Trying To Find Jesus in Uvalde Texas
VC15707974 Criminal Complaint by Gregory O'Dell see my report number 187753
"We Must Share We Must Find Ways To Do It"
Why There Is Law Already of the Books for Your Illegal Operations

The number of cases of hyper-surveillance by the Secret Service is less than 1,500 per year! In Texas, the abuse has probably affected every citizen of the state without due cause! [Not the secret service the police every home]

The purpose of a fusion centers is to create a central location where local, state, and federal agencies can work together to share the information they have gathered about different crimes or threats, in particular terror threats or trends in organized crime – not to become a network of organized crime!

Texas Fusion Centers have not detected or stopped, One Single National Security Threat, which makes their own existence a police bird’s eye view of you and a blind spot for their own misbehavior. Texas Fusion Centers aided voter count fraud in favor of the Texas GOP (The Reason the United Nations Step-in during the Presidential Elections 2012).

Texas Law Enforcement collective centers have been in existence for over 40 years; however, before Governor Rick Perry replaced George Bush, these centers were to Protect and Serve All People of Texas. 

Today, they are a collection of misinformation and danger to the public. Do I need to remind any Texan that has been stalked by armed and dangerous low altitude black domestic helicopters, which were reported to our representatives, who took no action?

Please note the security risk for Organized Texas Republican Crime that has gone unpunished: "A look inside the Austin-based Fusion Center"

"Texas Fusion Centers Create A Police State of Discriminatory Stalking and Convictions of Innocents As Criminals without Due Cause." 

Texas Fusion Centers have not reduced crime, because of the false sense of omnipresence sold to them by Security Firms. They are a waste of Federal and State dollars. The main purpose of the fusion center funding was to stop the threat of "Terrorism" not a police public view of the world, the citizens of the State do not have access, which creates a Dualistic Application of Law. Most importantly, they have been failures as stated by Senator MC Cain "They are a mess." 

If it is true "We must share, we must finds ways to do it (Williams Sessions 2008)", then it is also true, the public should have access to all the information viewed and gathered outside of National Security Threats. Because, we know the police cannot, will never police their own behavior (several cases reported by me personally, as an eye witness to law enforcement, still await prosecution). 

My hope is the Texas Department of Safety will take stand and comfort our Texas Communities by reminding us that their job is to “Protect and Serve All People of Texas”, and no politician including the Governor of Texas is above the law!

The Texas Public Information Act states:

“Each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government…”

The Texas Legislative Branch created a loop hole, in regards to non-profits, contractors, and other corporations that work for the state who cannot be forced to disclose information collected or shared about you or your family. One extreme case was the set-up of a non-profit profit making student loan clearing house, which added step and fee to student loans in Texas, 2000-2009. 

My concern is the abuse to the disabled after alerting law enforcement and all my State and Federal Representatives, including Human Health Services, who treated me and the witnesses, as if we were delusional. 

Worst of all, a Texas law was put in to place to follow the disabled on campus to insure their safety without their knowledge, which turned into stalking for whatever reason, and when they complained the victims were told they too, were delusional. 

Subjects became suspects, and suspect became enemies of the State – Human Research Outside of Protocol that extends well after graduation. 

Lastly,  police, stalkers, or watchers own misdeeds are covered-up and  ignored by being members of the select few, with a bird’s eye view and blind spot for their own crimes.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder - Take Them Out, Take Them Out, Take Them All Out

Prosecute each and every single case to the fullest extent of the law!

God have mercy on all [your] souls!"

"Gregory O’Dell Rural South Texas December 20, 2012"

As I explained to the FBI office, the monetary loss is of least importance if anything at all or nothing, compared to the deaths of innocent Texans. But they still ignored several international and Domestic Terrorist tips from a eye witness because the sharing system is used  for political incumbents to hold power and to steal the Federal Government Blind.

I know this because when we left office, i told the other witnesses "everything should be automatic it is in the FBI's hands, let's go fishing!"

"The Hack just now drag off to Atascosa county Texas Jail for booking" 05:00 03/04/2015

The San Antonio FBI office Texans Like to Call the Alamo FBI office has a new Director now.
Line of Distinction Original ADA Complaint

Like i said,  "The monetary loss is of least importance if anything at all or nothing, compared to the deaths of innocent Texans" and now that we understand deaths correlate to expressed statements above, i file another victims of crime report today. 

The Thief of a Federal ISBN Number under a fake book titled "A Crow's Shade" 1411696610 with  my academic work and valid ADA complaint 06-15-2031 hacked and the loss of some $20,000.00 that would not have happen because I had buyers, at this point lost because now the Hardbound book is under another 
ISBN ISBN- 13 97814196633

The Dallas OCR Fails To Act and an open case is still active if not they need to be retrained because people died because of their inaction Ref No. 06-15-2031.

Like i said,  "The monetary loss is of least importance if anything at all or nothing, compared to the deaths of innocent Texans" and now that we understand deaths correlate to expressed statements above, i file another victims of crime report today. 

This makes number 7 with 4 actual terrorist mass destruction reports the FBI had no knowledge of before i reported to their office and the action by the FBI stop other terrorist acts before they happened.
Thank you Texas Victims of Crime Office for you correspondence and please take every case seriously or call me so I can clearly justify the prosecution of the suspects known and unknown for homicide.

Six months later a truck drives 55 miles an hour across my front yard and starts a fire while the child is having an eye operation and the firetruck don't show up.

When Amazon Contracts CIA Copyright Pirates Linked To Homicide

Do I have to drive to Gillespie County Texas To File a Sheriff's Report after filing a Nuclear Report at the VA Today? I Guess Steve McQueen Rides Again

51 More Victims of Crime Reports with Dead Bodies Please Process them as if it is your own life because when it comes to terrorism it just might be!
LaSalle and Atascosa County
Notice the Drone Stalking After a Terrorist Report of a Terrorist Coming To Lytle Texas Stopped By Me.
Prosecute to the Fullest Extent of the law connected to UTSA Security
Extortion of VA Entitlements I Could Spend on the People In Henry Cuellar's District 28th he has neglected.

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