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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clinton Emails Buried Treasure How To Have Fun With VARS

Two shots from Jesse James [Perry encore westerners James Bond stinks] 
still active thought to be dead

La Fogta Yesterday Texas Victims of Crime Reports
Amarillo Texas
A Case of CCRS Clinton Can't Remember Sh*t
Clinton Emails Buried Treasure
Not Her Fault She Did Not Know I Work for the United States State Department
Where would a Real Cowboy Hide?

Here is a clue check odellgregory@hughes Net the same email that led to the arrest and or death to terrorist like - USAWMA

After spending several thousand dollars on new equipment VARs via V-chip sucked in all data from all devices, which is costly for the private sector, especially small business; the foundation of every major corporation in the USA. The blower came on the chip got so dam hot i had to jerk the cord out of the wall.

Our family patient pending that are very costly and a high risk to financial loss; were stolen in a similar ways.

Most creative people are 'computer users' not programmers, but not in every case. The trade-off of mental taxing to work for the machine instead of the machine working for you; our family lab. Could not develop new ways and means to make the world better.

I am sure somewhere someone has the numbers of wasted hours the original manufacture of devices 'OEM' Original Equipment or application Manufacture traded off by manpower reduction for customers to do the data entering for them such as credit card companies, or the reason they charged so much in interest, when the first plastic when the hit the market last century and should know better. Not to pick on credit card companies, computer and software 'OMC' or also liable for "Wasted Days and nights"working for them without pay.

Notably, every time I change my settings they are hacked including money do me from Google and Youtube for advertising. I believe that BING is the worse but they probably are all the same; however; Bing throws up pictures that only you would know and may bring back horrible memories
of tragic events. Then there is the mild irritation of political biases to sway my political reasoning when I voted that at the most is voter fraud.

At the same time human experimentation that may be thought to be benign is not if we control the behavior of the information by electronic neuron discharges or if artificial electronic exploitation is used to enter our skulls, which is rape of the most intimate body part and power over the rape victim. Entering the brain as rape is more than passing gas as everyone has to test it to see how bad it stinks - a normal human behavior probably an evolutionary by-product of thinking.

Many scholars view thinking as an animal by-product left over as instinct was replaced by the logos or a known "To think about something is proof in itself the thinker does not know." Certainly, thought is a very useful tool that reminds one of a computer application that fails to do it job and you have to think and work around IT.

This does not happen to transcendental groups who have been trained over years to enter a state of consciousness of "No Thinking."

A very useful tool: "To think about something is proof in itself the thinker does not know - 06:05 03/10/2015 'Hacker in system does not know take them out State Level Private Security Firms soon to banished from the borders of Texas' or start working to protect us not the Firms own endeavors.

Hackers are known to commit Malpractice, Human experimentation, Rape, Electronic diseases, and financial decimation or thief of anything of monetary value copyrights, patients, or just cash. Just recently to terrorize a TV viewer gruesome details of an operation in a Texas hospital that was unnecessary in the first place.

It is reasonable to believe that if the doctors note are on a digital or radio system and can be hacked as you leave the hospital missing a limb.Telemetry devices that save lives can also be hacked to bring death and have been reported.

Robotics are a little more tricky but a circulatory argument of common sense when you notice that you are doing the work of the 'OEM' without getting paid for our “wasted days and nights" as the corporation exploits end users, while making a profit without paying for the service or credit where it is due.

To force or make difficult by changes in techniques and devices for the users is exploitation of labor and a loss of valuable resources for the USA. Texas Attorney Greg Abbott led the vanguard of ways and means to place burden back on the OMC. To the extreme, many applications are purposely made to be more difficult to hold the user at the device or work table without pay or buy new equipment just as good as the old with different bells and whistles. Many times it is done to hack files in your computer and change settings while staring dumbfoundly at a screen that many be looking back at you.

Most tragically, we have seen OEM tweaking formulas and medical devices just to gain a patient rights to sell a new drug or device on the market that can be deadly. These drugs and devices in theory must always pass the empirical test of human consumption or use and many times fail no matter what model testing has shown.

On the other hand, when a Texas State Private security firm tries to make you think in animal terms such as lighting 'Ly' and the 'OEM' executive officers end up in prison after the victim reports the crime to law enforcement. Who is also fool by the same Private Investigator robotic and new devices that just failed the empirical test @ 07:21 03/10/2014 and it is doubtful I will receive pay or credit for their lesson learned.

A nice way to conclude a test the 'OEM' executive officers end up in prison after reported to law enforcement for exploiting another USA citizens for political protection or obstruction of justice.

By Doctor Dolittle 07:28 03/10/2015
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