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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How Hackers Create Deception Trigger Alerts That Can Be Deadly

Moronic Texas Leadership It Is Time For Change 
How Texas Political Leadership Targets Innocent People
 They Delete and Manipulate Federal and
State Data A Very Good Example
I Have Been A Valid First Responder for Over  30 Years
And They Remove The Data That I Exist

At The Least, Sovereigns Embedded In State and Federal Agencies who think 'They Are Above the Law' Could Cause you 'Complete Financial Decimation' and 'Take Resources Away From Homeland Security' 

The FBI Can And Well Intervene When The State Becomes A National Security Threat Period~!

Example 001: A Request for An Illustrator Made for My Copyright Works

'Costa Rica Sphere Map' Best Price Lead Time
Map Title: “Ancient Sphere Stones of the World” by Gregory O’Dell

1. Define the map that would show Costa Rica Up-close with side insets that would extend to the Easter islands and northern America. Mark places of interest that you [I] lived in just fun stuff Place your copyrighted works on the map.

Sample 001: 36’X48” Map Poster of old Mexico before Battle of the Alamo

Example Map Of Old Mexico
“Sphere sculptures have been documented in Northeast America, South America and even as far as the Polynesian Islands. A high intensity of finds is clustered in Costa Rica.” Simple examples
If You Have Been Victimized By 'Sovereigns'
It Is A Job For The FBI

Something All USA Students by the Ninth Grade Are Aware Of "The Dangers of a Dirty Bomb"

Mexico official: Stolen cobalt-60 found
AP  55 min ago | By Rodrigo Soberanes  of Associated Press

The truck was taking cobalt-60 from a hospital in Tijuana to a radioactive waste storage center and was stolen in Tepojaco near Mexico City. 

VERACRUZ, Mexico — Mexico's nuclear safety director says that missing radioactive cobalt-60 has been found near where the stolen truck transporting the material was abandoned in central Mexico state.

Juan Eibenschutz says the area is a kilometer from the nearest town and so far poses no threat or need for evacuation.

Recap: If you have been denied Benefits, Entitlements, stalked by Homeland Surveillance by information supplied by Sovereigns Embedded In State and Federal Agencies who think 'They Are Above the Law Could Cause you Complete Financial Decimation' and 'Take Resources Away From Homeland Security' Contact The FBI - Period In Each and Every Case - If You Have To Go Down and Sign-In Your Local FBI Office To Get It To Stop!

A Community Service To Academics Who Do Research On The Web Because Text Books Have Been Removed From Libraries and Followed By Moronic Private Dicks who In Texas - Do Not Require a High School Diploma Just Allegiance to the Republican GOP Tea Party?

The Most Important Message I could Possibly Make GNO
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