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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sovereign States Nuclear Programs How far can they go before the point of no return?

The Honorable Senator Kay Hagan,
While Senator Cruz is At A Tea Party

The Tex-Mex Hindu Guru That Would Not Die

The Communist Forbidden City 

Dealing with regret and remorse that I lived though several assassination attempts, terrorist bombings, snipers shots, and every conceivable electronic attack over a 25 year period to be rewarded with manipulation of records and financial decimation, I give thanks to God Almighty that I might live and through my suffering and pain, serve thousands of people who love ones have been harmed or even murdered and bring some comfort to their loss. 

The notion of ‘Sovereign states of the Union’ is no less than a terrorist threat to all veterans bond by oath to constitution of United States of America denied access to due process;  shared by the chosen few who can pass the gates of the Austin Texas Communist ‘Sovereign’ Forbidden City 

What’s Next ‘Sovereign’ Texas Communist Nuclear Program? 
How far can they go before the point of no return? 

Texas Se Houston Isolation, communications cut-off, hyper-surveillances, blacklist,  and bio-hazards

The Honorable Senator Kay Hagan,

Thank you for your recent press release, "Any veteran or family member who needs assistance in filing a claim or obtaining the benefits they need should contact my office." My family of three and now includes a grand-daughter were in fact harm by chemical and bio-hazards while I was on active duty. My wife and daughter have lost faith in the process; however, i am totally disabled and have no recourse but to respond to kind jester as follows:

I was stationed in Camp Lejeune and my child was born blood anemia, so both my wife and I were tested and found to be anemic, which was not the case before entering active duty. After applying for the Camp Lejeune entitlements my case was stalled from a fully developed claim from other injuries, while on active duty in the United States Air Force.   

The arthritic Condition event during active duty and aggregated because of service connected disability only got worse to point most of my skeleton is stainless steel prosthesis after multiple surgeries to remove bone dead caused by active duty service three bi-lateral hip replacements, several lower back surgeries S1-L4, Several neck surgeries C5-C7, in addition I have cognitive condition whereby I cannot focus or do simple task without medication, and require home assistance to make sure basic necessities are done such as medicine taking and medical appointment are made on time or not missed. I had a heart attack prior to 1995 a social security condition not related to but records associate with a dad drug taken off the market called VIOXX. This heart attack was service connected and is ischemic heart disease  already present before taking the drug noted on my social security records, also all other condition related to cardiovascular or organ damage such as fatty liver and hepatitis was present during active duty, as well bilateral neuropathy and anemia and swelling of both ankles. I also have tendinitis and loss of hearing both ears that required hearing aids that is service connected to hazards noise and chemicals such as Agent Orange. 

Lastly, I have chronic bronchial infection and I am an atomic veteran before and while on active duty exposed to ionizing radiation during weapons testing and register appropriately. All my organs are affected including a brain injury before and during active duty. 
If you can assist me with my claim please do so, I tire of ‘Standing In-Line with Rand’ in Kentucky where our VA Files are stalled.

Thank you for your kind support for disabled veterans.

Gregory N. O'Dell
1290 McCoy Road
Somerset Texas 78069

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Executive Editor: Tim King,
Publisher: Bonnie King, 



Mr. Speaker you have earned my respect can we leave the complex problems in your hands?

Have You Been Sleeping Over The Last 15 Years?

Sovereign States Nuclear Programs How far can they go before the point of no return?

Sovereign States Nuclear Programs How far can they go before the point of no return?
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