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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wonders Why the Secret Service came Back To Town

Dope Traffickers Nope
After What I Have Been Through
I Don't Fall Asleep At The Wheel
Funny Money

If you live in rural America and any slight change assimilates faster than the Internet
We All Thought They Had Our 
Dossiers In Their Hands Asking 
The Feed Store If They Knew About Us 
And Feed Store Was Asking Us
And so on and so on

Nope It Was Funny Money
Watch Out We Are Your Forward Observers
If Your Business Takes In Counterfeit Cash
You Must Report It and Turn It In.

But You Don't Get Reimbursed
And Don't Try To Pass It On To Somebody Else Because You Will Be Prosecuted for
Washing Counterfeit Money If By Intent.

Contact the Treasury Department on 
Ways or Methods You Can Prevent A Big Loss Available to Any Business 

They Target Small Family Owned
Businesses that have not gone through
The Treasury Departments Training.

That's Why They Hit Rural America First.
Everything Comes Through Here First.
The Police Do A Good Job See Top Of Page
"The Devine News" 

Buy Yourself a Paper Once in a While and Get Off The Web For Some Fresh Air!

A Community Service
It Takes A Real Texas Cowboy

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