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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alamo Treasure Map Buy It

Alamo Treasure Map
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Chief Big Foot Say Billions $ Stolen Oil Rights Texas Tea Party Tribe White Collar Crime 
The Congressional Act 
Mexican Energy Reform - Jobs for South Texas 

This week, the Mexican Congress passed historic energy reform that will open the state-controlled energy sector to foreign investment, creating opportunities for American jobs and positive economic impact.  The passage of energy reform will make the United States, Canada, and Mexico the new Middle East of the world.

 Read more in my guest column in this week's San Antonio Express: 
All The Gold In Texas Is Just Laying On The Ground
Due Process Key Ending Quicksilver Wars
South Central Texas Field Research
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Congratulations to the Laredo Center for the Arts! 

Congressman Henry Cuellar, Gabriel Castillo, Executive Director of the Laredo Center for the Arts, Gabriela Carriedo Vice President Marketing and Public Relations for IBC, and Laredo Center for the Arts Board Members present the grant earned by LCA through a competitive application process.

High School Students Hired In Rural South Central Texas Shop Go On To College and Came Back To Thank Me :)

 This week, I joined my friend Gabriel Castillo, Executive Director of the Laredo Center for the Arts, in announcing that the LCA had won a competitive grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.  The $10,000 grant will fund the Book Nook Academy, a weekly class that exposes young students to the world of arts, with workshops on musical theater, the culinary arts, traditional dance troupes, broadcast journalism, and more.  The Laredo Center for the Arts and the International Bank of Commerce matched the grant.

I am pleased to see the federal government partnering with the Laredo Center for the Arts to further the promotion of the arts here in Laredo—especially amongst our community’s youth.  I applaud the Laredo Center for the Arts for its success application and I look forward to seeing the results of its continued efforts to engage children in the world of the arts.

The Grievance 
 Federal Hacker Block Access
No Access To Congressman Henry Cuellar Grants 
for Recovery As He Passes Out Checks To Undeserving 

Websites Corrupted We Go Video

We Pay High Dollars For Video Rendering


We Go Print

Proud To Be On The Texas Honor Roll
Turning Texas Blue

Who Is Watching Who!

He began his story like most storytellers do, “Once upon time there was this king over a vast empire that was disconnected from the reality of life’s things, and was sadden that he did not have a life like me and you. In those days if a subject or even a foreign dignitary did not prostrate before him, or get down and bow on their hands and knees to show respect, they were beheaded on the spot by one of the Kings guards.

DOJ Fines Company For Criminal Charges 223 Million
I Am Found Dead on The Floor
My Business Is Ransacked
My Family Threatened
I still have not been compensated or the local area that my business
Supported with Youth Activities
And Good Paying High School Jobs

Three letters Were Received by That Office
A Sample Box and Informant To The DOJ Went to the Judge
And District Attorney 

He was good king and great man, but even he could not stop a timeless tradition born long ago in his dynastic line of ancestry heritage separating him from the people he ruled by the punishment of death by the sword.
Intrusive Illegal Non-lethal Devices Used
by the Local Sheriffs Office
As Retaliation

One day, the King who commanded all the power in world but lives a life of loneliness  and sadness sent for a slave of an Inn and commanded him to take off his clothes, give them to the King and the King commanded the slave to wear his royal wardrobe and mascaraed as the King over the great empire.

The following day, the king dressed as a slave to the inn, slipped into the back door climbed up the ladder to the slave bed of straw high up in the loft over the inn. The slave bell clanged from side to side and all the indentured servants rose quickly to bathe and dress those who conspired with the king’s guards and ruled the land by fear.

Small Business In South Central Texas Bush Wacked How Many Other Productive Small Business have Gone Unrecognized And Closed Because of Bush Era Intrusive Mandates 

The King’s guards had become so evil and ruthless the village people were invisible to their eyes weaken by the abuse of power. The Real Empires King dressed as a slave is pushed around, beaten and told to bring food.

Latter, the slave dressed as the King arrives at the inn for dinner. He fears the guards would notice him as a slave they had beaten daily but they are blinded by social invisibility of the Kings Horses, carriage and coat. They all bow to the slave mascaraing as the king, and bark to the King in slaves clothes to bring him drink, which usually was hot water or light tea.

The Slave Dressed as the King trembles in fear as his chair at the main table is pulled out and carefully pushed under him to seat.

The Hand Sign That Stopped The World 2009

The King dressed as the slave brings the slave dressed as the king a cup of hot tea. To avoid losing his head to the kings guards for not prostrating or bowing to the king, the slave places his hand next to the cup and bends his fingers down bowing in a movement three times prostrating his allegiance to the king dressed as a slave.

Hat's Off To To You!

God Bless America!

 I Support The Commander-n-Chief of the United States of America!


The following information has been submitted:
Name: Sri Gregory N O'Dell
Address: 1290 Mc Coy Road, 1290 Mc Coy Road
City/State/Zip: Somerset, TX 78069 7387
Telephone: 8304291965
Issue: BANK
Message Subject: No Access through a competitive application process for a small community Service > 250,000 Out of m
Message Text:
No Access through a competitive application process for a small community Service > 250,000 Out of my own pocket. To This Day This Congressman has not responded to my concerns Henry Cuellar and Ciro Rodriguez Took the Political hit that Henry has still not lived up too that kept Texas A Red Communist State
Would you like a response? Y

Mexican energy reform helps North America
MySA : December 17, 2013
The discovery of shale oil in Texas has been a boon for the economy of our state, creating thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. In 2012 alone, the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas created over $61 billion in economic impact across a 20-county region, supported over 116,000 full-time jobs and generated $3.1 billion in salaries.
I traveled to Mexico City last month and met with Mexican Congressman Marco Gonzalez, who set up meetings for me with Mexican members of Congress and the administration. I reminded Mexican authorities that the shale oil and gas reserves do not stop at the Rio Grande River.
Mexico has huge untapped resources of oil and gas. Mexico is the third-largest oil producer in the Western Hemisphere, after Brazil and Venezuela, and is among the top 10 in the world. It is believed that Mexico has the fourth-largest shale oil reserves in the world. But PetrĂ³leos Mexicanos, or PEMEX, the state-owned oil company, is unable to match the U.S. production due to the constitutional limits placed on foreign investment in oil and gas production and extraction.
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