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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Texas Sovereign Immunity Does not apply To Violations of Human Exploitation

Texas Sovereign Immunity Does not apply To Violations of Human Exploitation 

Sovereign Immunity Does not apply

When It Becomes a Case of International Abuse Such as Texas Electronic Torture the Sovereign immunity no longer applies and it is the responsibility of the FBI To Prosecute The Attackers To Fullest Extent of The Law by Gregory O’Dell XXXXXX - Three Known Victims of Electronic Torture Denied Access To Federal Court By A Texas US Marshall who divulged information about my family being Tormented for Six Straight Years by the State of Texas. 

Tip Number 001 : How Hackers Create Deception Trigger Alerts That Can Be Deadly
End Digital Results Preferred Paint by Brush

Example 001: The Largest Area of Visual Focus Costa Rica a Small Country but distorted on the map that is the end product printed to poster size. Draw in Icons of Major Sphere Stones so some research will already available by the Costa Rica museum of History and Fine Arts (Give Credit Where Due). There are Two Volcanoes a mountainous terrain of coffee plantations, major cities and notable rain-forest and indigenous tribes of young and Ancient history. Animals drawings of monkeys and fruit bearing trees such banana trees, coconut along beach ect… nice attraction but should not be overwhelming the focus of the map “Ancient Sphere Stones”

Tip Number 002 : South Texas Hispanic Woman Welfare Her Whole Life Died Millionaires’

Tip Number 003 : Sovereigns Well Tie You In to Anything From Bin Laden To Global Warming

That is all the documents the FBI needs to arrest Governor Rick Perry and Congress Blake Farenthold You asked for and you got in your hand 

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