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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Map Out Known Locations of Roadside Home Intruders

What Is A Roadside or Street Hacker?

These people illegally use devices to ease drop in your own home by getting within 1.5 miles and hack your electronics such as Telephone, P.C. or Television. The Police will not do this unless the situation is warranted. 

Private Investigators, who have been sequestered and lost their jobs will do this illegally. The police will take information from anyone be they a witness, criminal or a victim; however, they will not enter your home or use non-lethal investigative tools without a warrant.

Over the last 24 Months Neighborhood Watch Teams Have Identified and reported Street Hackers in these areas. A few instances were actually trespassers identifying themselves as working for the Water Board, Meter Reader, or Contracted High-wire Tree Trimmers. In most cases they are who they say they are.
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