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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Alamo Can't You People Do Something On Your Own? Before The First Shot Fired

Why The United Nations Is Coming Back To Texas
Personal Computer

4. Texas is the custodian of all emails and phones calls in Texas and they have exploited that information including voter fraud by remote device adding counts to GOP candidates. The reason the United Nations Observed the Voting in Texas in 2012. The record keeper has used the information for retaliation and political targeting and is liable for the breach of that information, which includes personal information of all Texans.

And I Get Yes or No Question When It is Done by The GOP Electronically and they blame Eric Holder for their own criminal Activity? 
Texas GOP Want's Yes or No Vote For Their Own GOP Criminal Activity
This is the Texas GOP Hacking Report in 2007 Not NSA
25 Years Waiting on a valid fully develop claim 15 years ago
I don't Care If They Pay Me
I Don't Like Being Called A Liar!
Quicksilver Wars South Texas

Are They All Part of The Criminal Activity?

I have gone to all means of due process and not one investigator has called or come by to find out more information on domestic terrorism, murder, grand thief, suicides, white collar crime and political targeting. The OCR called twice to get out of it.......... Don't you want to solve these crimes and end the abuse?

The Judge was told five years ago and still has a seat?

Come On Gringo Join Us
We Are Better Off  With Our Own Senate Representation
Take the Tea Party out of our territory
And Take All of RICO Perry Bias Judges and Put Them In Your Home Town
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