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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Physics responds in a mathematical way not necessarily as it appears or as observed

It’s Just a Matter of Physics or the Natural Order of Things

The phrase “empty set” represents the foundation of binary calculations rooted in emptiness. The laws of physics must obey the primordial law of emptiness, the higher law of awareness. Physics responds in a mathematical way each and every time here now on awareness’ own accord, not necessarily as it appears or as observed.

Not all intellectuals take this position, and many have made good attempts explaining the physics of awareness. Although, they seem to have different approaches, it matters not if we explore the inner workings of the mind as an idealist or trod a true materialistic path. All persistent thinkers eventually meet in the same conscious realization of this
primordial substance, be it called matter or mind.

This immaterialist position called idealism, a claim that all objects are actually ideas, makes good sense especially when operating on multidimensional planes of existence  that are made up of those very ideas. Of course, any rational idealist would border the absurd to think it possible to crash head on into a concrete wall without suffering the effects of a Rock Hard Concrete Idea! It is equally absurd to think that there exists something other than the mind. Where would this substance come from?

Idealism solves many of the problems of today’s scientific separatism view which falsely presupposes the existence of two separate worlds, the empirical outer universe and the mind.

We might consider our humble beginnings as the Big Bang of Consciousness- no longer a subject-object relation of rocks, dust, gases, and things, but the shadows of ever-expanding awareness illuminating the dark unknown of our universe
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