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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This Is No Act If The FBI Fails Again with Indictments Then Call In The Department of Defense

White Collar Crime Including Manslaughter 
 Corruption Kathleen Sebelius TX Gov Rick Perry

This Is No Act It Is The Law

Start with Indictments Today
Is The FBI Working Today!

HHS 64035254 Follow-Up After Town Hall Meeting by Congressman Pete Gallego Transcribe By HHS Washington D.C.

Texas W. Sessions FBI Director Retaliates Disabled Students Traded As A Commodity Like Goods With No Services

The Action The Texas FBI Took Against Me After Reporting Billions In White Collar Crime

Texas Bio-Lethal Weapons Testing A Problem Child?
Or Texas Children With Problems?

This Is No Act It Is The Law

All Criminal Acts Known To Me Reported by Protocol Including Terrorism
All Claims for 100 rds of Texans Including Myself
Are Protected By Federal Law
The FBI Must Act 

White Collar Crime Is A Job For The FBI

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