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Friday, October 25, 2013

The OIG May Not Investigate But He Will Retaliate Not One Criminal Investigator Has Called Me To Date

No Investigator Must Mean They Are The Criminals!
Don't Make Be Your Quality Assurance Program and send me another bogus letter, when I can fill a courtroom with witnesses to point there would be no room in court for spectators! February 12, 2013

The VA Entitlement Board

Saturday Night Early Special Criminal Posting 61 days tell Christmas
One A Violation A Day Until Christmas 
It Is Healthy for both You and Me!

Why Don't You Just Come Clean Does A Sealed Indictment 
Got Your Tongue

Electronic Human Exploitation
                                     House Explodes                                                                             
An Article Sent Me On FaceBook As My Whole Family Viewed After Being Denied A Valid VA Entitlements Claim In Texas Reported To The FBI At The Time Of The Event

Hearing Poor Lowest Level Due
To Service Connect Noise Hazard

After Senator Cornyn Says The VA Has Read Your Records For Hearing Loss And It Was The Opinion of The Doctor of Gulf State VA Auditory That Your Hearing Loss Is Not Service Connected. If you think I associate any of this to my claim you are mistaken. I am counting on the FBI they are the experts.
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