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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sharing a Painted Profile Targeting Students when CIA Secret Service Police Are Private Security Investigative Firms

Not Pretty To Look At Just Honor and Brave
Thank God For 'All American Heroes' 

OCR You Need To Contact Me 
The Things I Find In My Own Backyard
This Officer is a Fine Gentleman and a Material Witness

One Criminal Violation A Day Tell Christmas
Think of The Thousands of Disabled Veterans and Students Block From Access Traded

ADA Retaliation within the Specified Time Period
Turned Down For Consideration
Without Looking at My Qualifications for
Congressional Aid 
Who Done It?
The Things I Find In My Own Backyard
Another Material Witness
After Graduation
FBI Sharing Program [Not The FBI]
Data Manipulation
Innocent People Jailed, Suicide, and Murder
Sharing A Painted Profile without A Background Check
It Happened Its Healthy To Say Something
Shake and Bake a Bush Era Terrorist
6 Years No Employment for Me Means 6 Years of Thousands of Jobs Never Produced In Texas
No Brag Just A Matter of Fact
Why Senator Cornyn Is Trying to Make This A National Security Screw-Up
He Is Guilty
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