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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I An't Going Work on Maggie’s Farm No More

He Hands You a Nickel or a Dime 
When All the Oil in South Texas Is Mine

The National Guard Circles My Front Door

The many disclosures by NSA personnel warning of a police state never has been a secret if you have been harmed or attacked by non-lethal and bio-lethal weapons. The notion, “Why should it concern me? I have done no wrong,” adopted by plantation slaves that happily accepted a false sense of protection from their masters, unaware the security was a form of mind control intended to oppress and keep the slaves working on the farm. 

The Federal Budget Is Just Like Mine
Try some of my alternatives?
Instead of buying high Price Beef and Dog Food
Eat the Dog!

Half The Federal Budget NSA Who Spy On A Clay Potter
They Bought a brand new mail truck to go covert
must of cost $30,000.00

This is healthy Stuff That Needs To Be Debated
Not Senator Tea Party Ted Cruz's Aluminum Hat
Somebody Needs To Take Him To Back Room And Give Him A Classified Ass Kicking
Show Him - Demonstrate It on His Own Children!

He Won't Be Reading Dr. Suez with Green Eggs and Ham Anymore! 

Today’s civil division is between those that know and those that do not. Those who advocate for those that do not know are unjustly stalked down by the same domestic surveillance systems. 

Thank God they underestimated the potential of the human soul. I gave them fair warning into the same data stream used to harm me and others, first with a published essay, Who is watching who and do they know what they’re doing? 
Banking Domestic Surveillance How Can You Make A Judgement
on Your Neighbors Behavior
Have You Ever Tried Coyote? 

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