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Friday, October 11, 2013

Federal Office of Civil Rights Dallas Texas Disable Blocked Access to Judge for Relief

How to File an Online Complaint
Do Not Let That Number Fool You
That's How They Stopped The Others
You Got It Call Me

Complainants wishing to file a complaint may do so by:
Mail or Facsimile: Complainants may mail or send by facsimile a letter or use the OCR’s Discrimination Complaint Form available from one of OCR’s enforcement offices (see the list of OCR’s offices in this brochure). In your correspondence, please include:

• The complainant’s name, address and, if possible (although not required), a telephone
number where the complainant may be reached during business hours;
• Information about the person(s) or class of persons injured by the alleged discriminatory
act(s) (names of the injured person(s) are not required);
• The name and location of the institution that committed the alleged discriminatory
act(s); and
• A description of the alleged discriminatory act(s) in sufficient detail to enable OCR to understand what occurred, when it occurred, and the basis for the alleged discrimination (race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act). E-mail: Complainants may file a complaint, using the following e-mail address: (Use the same procedures as above.)
Online: Complainants may file a complaint with OCR using OCR’s electronic complaint form at the following Web site:
For those without current e-mail accounts, Internet access may be freely

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Electronic Human Exploitation Texas

The State of Texas Still Uses These Device on Their Own People

It Is Criminal And 
It Is Against The Law

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