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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To Raise Chinchillas Gets Too Deep He Exports the BS to Counter the Trade Imbalance

Lake Titicaca The Peruvians Claim The Titi Half and Give
Ownership of the Caca Side to Bolivia
Or Why I Got Into The Gunao Business
A True Visionary Entrepre-manure

BioHazards Especially if you have metal in your body
Texas Tea Party Congressman Also Hurt Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Children 
Congressman Blake Farenthhold | 27th District of Texas
Congressman Lamar Smith | Representing the 21st District

Hey It is Bipartisan My Congressman Cows Down and Writes
The Stalking Law That Everybody is Stalked by Co-Signed by George W.Bush
Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th (D)
Still No Response
Obscurity is  necessary to both the Listener and Reader
When PETA Shut the Fur Trade Down
The animal (whose name literally means "little chincha") is named after the Chincha people of the Andes, who once wore its dense, velvet-like fur.[4] By the end of the 19th century, chinchillas had become quite rare due to hunting for their ultra-soft fur. Most chinchillas currently used by the fur industry for clothing and other accessories are farm-raised.[5]

G.N. O'Dell 2009
Port Aransas Texas 2009 Two Drunk Texas Rangers
Gives Use The Run Around Then Drive Off Drunk
Happy To Identify Two Material Witnesses

And the Guano Extraction Depletes Deposits
Massed shipping in the Chincha Islands, 21 February 1863, at the height of guano extraction The Chincha Islands (Spanish Islas Chincha) are a group of three small islands 21 kilometres (13 mi) off the southwest coast of Peru, to which they belong, near the town of Pisco. They were of interest for their extensive guano deposits, but the supplies were mostly exhausted by 1874.

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Exports the BS (Guano) to Counter the Trade Imbalance

My Notes Confiscated And Taken Out Context By Somebody who does not have a high school diploma, Never Brought Before The Court But Shared Illegally

Notes Censored No Objection
Privacy Why It Should Concern Texas Courts of  Law

The Perry Illegal Hacking and Tracking System

Billions Extracted from Federal Government By Texas Tea Party Spending

Thank God Intercepted By The Order of Clandestine Monks
Military Texas Service Patriotism
Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Still Using CIA Authority He Does Not Have

Anybody Claiming to be the Secret Service or CIA Agent and is not and throws that authority around to harm others is a treasonous act! All veterans are bond to respond to the Secret Service  - They Are Supreme!
Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Still Using CIA Authority He Does Not Have. What next a Book?

Prosecutes Veterans That Wear a Medal Not Deserving, which is Ok by me but this guy, has gone too far, when he claims association with the CIA such a highly regarded position of Public Trust – He Can No Longer Be Trusted!

These People like Dewhurst Got Two CIA agents Shot in Mexico

The Same People Who Raided Farms in South Central  
Rick Perry RP08 Texas 2000-2008 Bush 

Not A Obama Mandate 
He Was The Senator of Illinois At The Time

 Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Why He Says The Things He Does

Note of Clarification The B.S. Does Not Stop In Benghazi
Dewhurst spokesman Travis Considine told the Texas Tribune that Dewhurst, a former CIA officer, feels "very strongly about the tragedy in Benghazi and has said that Congress should consider impeaching the president over the tragedy." Four Americans were killed in the attack, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

Do Your Own Homework To Link This Together "If Only The Elite Can See Your Personal Information Why Not The Whole World or Privacy Why It Should Concern Them!"

Not Free Speech Forced Participation for Protection
Your Community Servant GregO 10/16/2013
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