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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

George H. W. Bush Wacked NSA It Is Not What They Know Its When They Screw Up

911 Attack Witness
A Victim of Three Terrorist Bombings
Terrorized By My Own Country

Just Say God Bless America!

What an honor and privilege to be in Hanoi Vietnam May 15, 1995 and to visit the newly formed consulate and by consequence sign my name to the guest log only to realize that George W. H. Bush Sr. had just signed the consulate guest log five lines up from my own.

Sadly, the most sacred piece of memorabilia I have of my visit is the memory of a metal American ammunition box full of Zippo cigarette lighters from dead or missing American Soldiers.  Many of the lighters had names of the owners or their love ones engraved on the sides and some had written quotes or poetic verse, the lighter that touched me most had these words engraved on the stainless steel side that read, "YOU CAN NOT ENSLAVE A MAN THAT IS WILLING TO GIVE UP HIS LIFE FOR HIS FREEDOM."

I wonder how many congressional members on both sides of the house that stand by proxy for those that have given their lives for their county and those that are now suffering at no fault of their own by those that represent "We The People" are willing to give up  just their livelihood, their own political careers  and come together and put Americans on the right track into the future?

Censored from your view but what happened to this young lady happened to me and I reported to the FBI and local Police and They Try To Kill Me! I Am not a Whistle Blower I followed Protocol and what happened - Those of Public Trust Could Not Be Trusted!

Blame It On Texas Don't Punish Me Six Years of Electronic Surveillance 
 Social and Psychological Terrorism Attempts All Failed
Locked Like A Prisoner in my Own Home

Thank God They Underestimated The Potential of the Soul

Kathleen Sebelius Knew About It and Did Nothing
She Needs To Go To Prison

  1. Kathleen Sebelius was sworn in as the 21 st Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on April 28, 2009. Since taking office, Secretary Sebelius ...

    Censored from your view but what happened to this young lady happened to me and I reported to the FBI and local Police and They Try To Kill Me! I Am not a Whistle Blower I followed Protocol and what happened - Those of Public Trust Could Not Be Trusted!

The president has just sent out a general email to all Americans that wish to participate, explaining what needs to be done after exhausting the brightest minds and all the experts our nation has to offer, as follows:

"Getting our fiscal house in order requires shared sacrifice. But even in these tough times, we have a responsibility to make smart investments in our Nation's future.
That's why we must invest in innovation to ensure that the jobs and industries of the future are built right here in America.  It's why we need to invest in roads, bridges, high-speed rail and high-speed Internet to help our businesses ship their goods and ideas around the world.

And it's why America must invest in education so that all of our children have an opportunity to fulfill their potential. Even though parents are the key to a child's education, we have a responsibility to ensure that America's students are prepared to compete and thrive in the 21st century global economy."

Let me tell you, we all are tired of listening to the negative non-supportive rhetoric that comes from both side of the house,  and when we hear you speak we do not forget! Remember that the next time you old dogs of politics  start feeding us with what’s wrong with America and offer no solutions then attack our President with moot legal arguments!

President Obama has proven true to his word! The presidency transcends Barack Obama who is although exceptional, just another human being just like you and me, and the dead unknown solider with his epitaph engraved on an American made Zippo cigarette lighter for sale in Hanoi Vietnam and the responsibility to get this country back on its feet rest in House of Representatives and Senate and the support of the people! How can we support you if you can not be TRUSTED?

I Say!
The Best Possible World is All Possible Worlds

Tea Party Rebellion Brought Harm Including Death

Just As in Human Society where Reason Promotes Virtue, So too, Does it Breed Vice!
The endangerment or extinction of primate species is weighed carefully against human population needs and forest resources. The disappearance of the great apes certainly have a negative aesthetic effect on the human psyche; however, the extinction of the chimpanzee, man’s closet relative, precariously shifts humans to the top of the endangered primate list. Troglodytes or robust chimpanzee share not only biological similarities to humans but also social and psychological adaptive traits to cope in diverse or diminishing habitat. If these creatures can no longer cope in a diminishing environment, a global concern for our own existence could be in serious question.
It make good sense not to rely on what we think we know as fact and seek out knowledge of our universe that we have lost over the ages and now loosing at unfathomable speeds by data systems that have proven their unreliability to such a point that the information plunge the new world in to Global Economic Crisis and near nuclear holocaust!  We have forgotten the errors of our past in the year BC (Before Computer) and now doomed to repeat!  Please enjoy just one example of my own experience titled “The Lost Story of the Monkey Peoples.”

 Who Made Stalking Legal Texas Henry Cuellar and George W. Bush Texas Governor

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