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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

After The State of Texas Corrupted My Web Business Placed Me On A GOP Black List

$250,000 Destroyed Business
Political Targeting abuse of The 911 Act

While Google Is Paid By The Tea Party 
To Block Me


Disabled Veterans Serving Persons with Disabilities

Oath of Allegiance

“To serve my country again by serving those in need, but this time I will not pick-up a rifle - I will pick-up a friend” 

Start Date: 10/01/2013 – Five Years 

What Motivated Me? 

1. A Disabled adult responded to one of my posting about the slow processing of the VA backlog, “I Wish I Could Serve In the Military but military won’t let the disabled join.”

2. Disabled veterans have the support of professional organization that actually assist the disabled; however if the person that is disabled is not service connected or never served in military are abused daily many die from the abuse.

3. AADP was used to get G. H. W. Bush elected but success stories are nothing but propaganda. The truth is not the reality of things. Disabled personas are used as a commodity of goods without services, which includes Seniors Citizens!

3.  Kathleen Sebelius HHS placed a person in charge of censorship with Federal Funds for political gain, and she as well as her appointees has used leverage along with Texas Governor Rick Perry not to pursue Civil or Criminal Charges, which is a violation of Federal Law.

4. The United States was once the role model for the United Nations for people with disabilities - now we are the problem children.

5. The state Texas once used Human Services to help those that could not help themselves. I was alone in traction, a quadriplegic and they drove all the way to my farm each day to help me or drive to rehabilitation and in a few months climb out of my bed into wheel chair then outside for walks and back to work. Today the Texas uses HHS and Victims of Crimes as retaliation and human surveillance including harmful experimentation.

6. The cost of the burden started by a Congressional Committee in the 1990’s and change the sporting term ‘Handicapped’ to a degrading term used in our own constitution for a reason ‘Disabled’ or “Remove the disability.” A main Character on the board was Belinda Cardenas who never went to a university to earn her doctorates degree polarized, the committee to use the term ‘Disabled’ as if a person had no rights at all! 

7. Cardenas a board member of the UTSA Regents and President of University of El Paso defrauded the Federal government by using discretionary spending, while conspiring with Texas Governor Rick Perry or the way the RICO Act violations work in Texas.

8. The academic standards have always been set by the State Texas and accepted by the rest of the educational intuitions across America including text book editing. The Federal grants where diverted to other projects with a justification the money would eventually help disabled students. Disabled students were segregated, and stalked and policed by all University across America that prompted the “College Killing Fields.” All disabled student were considered to have a mental illness until fall 2008.

9. Big Pharmaceutical began experimenting on students with psychotropic designer drugs tweak just to hold a patent. Permanent brain damage was the end result of these toxic medicines reported to my Congressman Henry Cuellar. 

10. U.S. Senator John Cornyn makes a public annulment after setting a federally funded disabled legal assistance program that failed blocking the disabled from legal representation, “I see thousands of disability complaints come across my desk and it’s all about Civil Rights?”

11. Disabled veterans receive free services while those who did not have an opportunity to serve their country at no fault of their own must pay or do without necessary access, equipment, and medicines

12. I personally and other known to me were abused by electronic surveillance systems and tracked down by arm military aerospace.
How Do I Get There?

1. I Have Already Assume a name and can use my social security number for no tax deductible donations.

2. Set up a non-profit bank account and way for people to donate

3. Apply for 503(e) status without the threat of harm that I was once exposed too!

4. Today I will reopen my web page with an introduction to DMZ

5. Access resources available at

6. Send a letter of intent to Contacting the Department of Labor

 By Mail 
 U.S. Department of Labor 
 200 Constitution Ave., NW
 Washington, DC 20210

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