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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Have Patients Waits for the Bad Guy Wearing a Black Hat To Make His First Move

"Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey"
Part II See Part I
Over 100,000 Suicides In Texas Caused by Human Experimentation 
Post 911 Bush Mandates

Stopped In April 2009 by

The Practice Continued In Texas
Under Texas Governor Rick Perry's Authority

The Governor of Texas used medical devices to torture the citizens of Texas after given an executive order by the President of the United States to stop the practice in April 2009. This is not an unusual response from Perry, he also ignored executive orders by George Bush concerning the execution of Mexican nationals, reported by the press as the "Back Bone of Anti-American Resentment (I did not say that)."

In 1952 Lily Abegg wrote, "Since the first European travelers arrived in the Orient, many writers have tried to solve the riddle without success and today most of us are still as mystified as ever by the-to us-incalculable quality of the Asiatic mind."  I don’t anybody more mystified than cultural anthropologist and medical doctors, who cross the most dangerous borders daily without any complications; however, we have people in positions of Public Trust and State leaders, who start wars at a drop of hat.

Diplomatic introductions and partnerships outside of the United States, as well as with a known threat such as Iran, be it by intent or just plain ignorance with no diplomatic authority is the GOP Most Egregious Sin. First the Justice Department lets the GOP get away unpunished for terrorizing innocent United States Citizens and today that same pecuniary self-interest is now a global love affair hidden under silk Asiatic bed sheets, which is a threat to Global Stability and the economic welfare of those who play by the rules.

1 comment: Anonymous September 8, 2011 at 10:41 PM

That Idiot [Texas Governor Rick Perry] is scaring everybody even communist dictators like himself!

Rick Perry Needs to “Tone Down” His Rhetoric, Says Kim Jong-Il.  “He Scares Me,’ North Korean Dictator Says (The Borowitz Report).”


“Hell, that gun slinging circus show cowboy tried to kill me, threatened, harassed my whole extended family and took away four years of my life! I have been waiting six years for the Justice Department under two different Presidents."

Any American citizen I know of that has lived or is still living in the China or the Far east, will tell you,  “East is East and West is West the twain shall never meet.” Abegg describes the distance between East and West as "by the To-us-incalculable quality of the Asiatic mind.” 

What she means is the incalculable quality of Asiatic life in the 1940’s, most likely compared to low quality of American life post War World II,  and a short recession following the war with lingering scars of the Great Depression still dwelling in the domain of living memory. A good Reference Book is “The Grapes of Wrath”

“President U.S. Grant wrote, “To us it was an empire and of incalculable value; but it might have been obtained by other means.  The Southern rebellion was largely the outgrowth of the Mexican war.  Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions.  We got our punishment in the most sanguinary and expensive war of modern times.” 

Source:   U. S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant (New York, 1885), pages 22-24.

Since Alegg published her book, sixty years later, we got a circus show cowboy of a Texas Governor spending millions of dollars on security traveling to China; bartering away our Federal oil reserves and Private Oil Rights of United Citizens, that should be protected by the FBI as members of the ‘Private Sector’ from International terrorism.  The same Texas governor who supported succession from the United States by virtue of the State, quoting Sam Houston’s parting words after selling property that did not belong to him or Texas, to legally validate succession from the United States. 

The Republic of Texas failed in a period of time shorter than George W. Bush’s term from corruption of those of Public Trust.  Recently, two Guatemalan’s legally visiting the United States, were shot dead in the month of November 2012 by Black Domestic Helicopters, fleeing the deadly machines in fear.  Post 911 Mandates, rightful implemented but never removed, turned Texas citizens into subject of domestic surveillance programs, subjects became suspects and suspects became enemies of the state.  To fix the problem, billions of more Federal dollars were allotted to law enforcement to protect us from Terrorist abroad.

Instead, many FBI agents, Sheriff’s, and Police officers were motivated by Texas Governor’s Tea Party Rebellion of April 2009 success of psycho-social terrorist attacks on the Federal Government, who left unprotected women, children, and the elderly, by tracking these South Central Texans with deadly force for the crime of peacefully ‘occupying’ their own farms and ranches, still in disputed ownership sense Texas Annexation in 1845. 

Extracting and spending huge amounts of Federal funds has become a long standing tradition older than the right-to-bear arms in the state of Texas, after they sold a bill goods for property they never owned to the United States of America. A good reference video ethnography would be “Hang Um High” starring Clint East Wood in 1972.

 “Who is watching who and do know what they are doing?” is a catch phrase a not question, describing the empty coffers that faced Santa Anna,  President of Mexico, after being betrayed by one of his closest friends and Mexico Patriot, Stephen F. Austin in 1832. 

You think the Obama Administration had it bad after the collapse of economy in the Fall of 2008? Try pushing almost half of the United States Army with little food and no pay over the some of the worst terrain, one thousand miles from nowhere to  a shamble of a Mission, full of drunken illegal immigrants, still standing after the world’s first suicide terrorist bomb was detonated on South Alamo Street in San Antonio Texas on March 6, 1836 !

Last Count of Texas disabled veterans waiting without or no entitlement pay for the price of a Republican war was 750,000 veterans November 1st 2012, thirty percent have been waiting since Texas President Johnson ended the conflict in May 1975. 

The validity of Texas elections have been in question sense 2007, when Republican Supporters used remote devices to increase the Republican vote that undoubtedly is the reason, most all Texans are registered to vote, but never do. Why should they, Texas is just like China. If you do  not co-operate or become apart of the abuse, they will threaten your whole extended family just like in China. A good reason for death row defense attorneys to shut down executions until the rule-of-law if finally established in Texas.

In fact, China reaps 50 percent of profits from oil and gas extracted from the residents of Texans, who own mineral rights sold to the Chinese just like Sam Houston sold ‘Tejas’ or South Central South West Texas to the United States – a bill of goods he never owned or had the authority to do so! 

One United States Mexican American War Veteran died last year. I wonder if he ever got paid for his service to his country, if he did not, we know it’s just another Texas Republican Tradition.

Gregory O’Dell First Draft 01/31/2013

There is a logical reasonable solution: 

Tejas 51st State of the Union Separate Texas into At Least Two States of the Union by Popular Vote

State sovereignty for "Tejas" 51st State of the Union has been an open issue since Texas annexation in 1845. South Central and South West Texas bordering districts have always been the subject of our nations must controversial problems such as  Immigration reform, Gun control, 30% High School Drop Out Rate, Wasted Federal spending,  Environmental protection, Covert Operations Including Electronic Attacks, Open military operations recently leaving two innocent people shot dead by domestic surveillance helicopters , Fusion Centers dualistic application of law and  sharing of information to bounty hunters or private investigative firms endangering innocent people, who actual live in Texas boarding districts of Mexico.

Trillions of dollars have been extracted from the federal government concerning these districts; however, the money is diverted to political pecuniary interest in other state matters. We believe Tejas succession from Texas as the 51st State of the Union, would save trillions of dollars while at the same time address some our nation’s most controversial matters correctly, by the people who actually live in these districts.

 Tejas 51st State of the Union brings power back to the people and resolves many or our nation’s most controversial issues; trillions of wasted Federal dollars and the loss of many innocent lives, by death, imprisonment, and oppression.

G. N. O'Dell January 9, 2013

Added To Legislative Agenda 2013

A Decade of Rick Perry's Corruption 
Racial, Irreligious, Religious and Political Profiling
Stalking and Retaliation

1000's of Texans Jailed Without Due Cause
Innocent Texans >3% Executed  
Unknown Texans Exterminated by Rick Perry Swatting

"Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey"

Other Benefits by Removing Rick Perry From Office

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