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Friday, October 4, 2013

Calls a Duck a Duck it’s A Bipartisan Cluster Duck

The Daily Double
"A high intensity of finds is clustered in Costa Rica"

Copyright Infringements, Mineral Rights Theft, Texas Attorney Patent Trolls The Delay of  bringing my case to court is the same illegal Tom Delay Texas RICO Violations

The Daily Double
Spewing Out Classified CIA information while everybody in the neighborhood got an ear full

My Answer To The Extortionist "We Don't Need No Stinking Lawyers"
These are Criminal Violations!
In action
 is just as bad 
5 years to hear a response from congressman

 Reporting One Criminal Violation A Day
Senator Cornyn and Henry Cuellar
"Still waiting for that call from my Congressman"

Are These People Above The Law?

2. Why hasn't Federal Government look into Mail Box Tampering and Federal Medicine Denial that is extortion if i did not comply with questions asked on my on my P.C. to Cause Sleep Deprivation, when two witnesses observed a new White Chevy Suburban
Tampering with our mail.

This is not the same as the Mail Box Crushing already reported 

Article Number Two The Daily Double

The Sphere The Shape of Form

Ancient sphere sculptures are the most compiling archaeological evidence that links the human psyche to Orb phenomena. The idea of the sphere has captured the imagination of the earliest peoples. Sphere sculptures have been documented in Northeast America, South America and even as far as the Polynesian Islands. A high intensity of finds is clustered in Costa Rica.

While staying in a hotel in San Jose Costa Rica I noticed that the compound was surrounded with pillars and on top of each pillar was a cement sphere. The Inn keeper explained that they represent actual sphere stones found in the Costa Rican jungle.

Later viewing Costa Rica museum sphere stones, a guide confirmed that each of the stones were painstakingly crafted by hand without the use of metal tools. Theories have a wide range of religious, economical, and navigational applications. But the museum expert felt that there were some perhaps spiritual or cultural purpose for the work but this is unknown. Whatever the case, the mystifying beauty of the sphere, still captivates the imagination perhaps because it is the shape of form, beauty in itself- attractive to the eye magnetic to the soul!

I support Our President
They Talk of Impeachment Look
What's Coming At You If You Do!

Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion is Treason


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