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Sunday, September 29, 2013

To Repeat Himself If He Is Misunderstood NSA It’s When They Screw Up

NSA It's Not What They Know 

I Do As Instructed by Academic Advisers- Write Senator Cornyn and Tell Him "I Going To Press If The Abuse To Me and My Family Does Not Stop!"

 "I was not speaking about “Top Secret America’ assimilated to me for the first time by the Washington Post."

He Knew What I Was Talking About:

Texas W. Sessions FBI Director Retaliates Disabled Students Traded As A Commodity Like Goods With No Services

The Action The Texas FBI Took Against Me After Reporting Billions In White Collar Crime

The Texas U.S. Senate NSA FBI Sharing Program Federal Manipulation of Data

Now Maybe America Can Understand This Radio Broadcast

HHS 64035254 Follow-Up After Town Hall Meeting by Congressman Pete Gallego Transcribe By HHS Washington D.C.

You Feel Froggy Jump!

NSA Takes Their Orders By The U.S. Senate

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