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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disabled Students Traded As A Commodity Like Goods With No Services

They said they do not understand it but they cannot say 
they did not get it!
 "Who's Behavior Is Concerning?"

The Governor of Texas buys a 250,000 dollar x-ray machine from Digital Alley that can pierce steel to look for Hispanic Human Trafficking as hundreds of Texas Disable Students are traded across state lines in plain view of the public to work on slave farms , living in deplorable conditions, while employers pocket their Social Security Checks for a decade 2002 - 2009! Williams Session and John Ashcroft join as acting members on the board of Digital Alley Corporation.

I report and Sessions retaliates, Clandestine Contractors threaten my family as billions in oil rights are secured illegally as my elderly grandmother is taken from her newly purchased home at the treat of murder and held as a commodity to her death April 7, 2008.

Nothing Changes In Texas But The Meaning of Law Behind Closed Doors
All Laws Are Exempted Concerning
Privacy When It Comes To The Elderly
And Disabled or Children and Threat of Death
 W. Sessions X-FBI Director
 Waco Raid - Texas Common Law
This Claim Is Valid
 IVERP Victims of Crimes Should Have Been Transferred To Texas By Now Work  It!
On October 18, 2008, the first thing I said was, “Did you know another campus shooter killed a librarian today in San Antonio? They all shrouded their shoulders, as if it was nothing; however, campus violence was the whole purpose of the meeting! I sat down and started reading a document I prepared listing every single time I was denied a service or access and each and every time they invaded my privacy to show them the retaliation and discriminatory practices for anybody on the Disability roster “Schindler's List.” A data manipulation of interest, they gave me credit for nuclear physics classes that I never attended and reported it immediately to the Omnibus-man signed “Whistle Blower” Gregory O’Dell.

My wife and I also have two daughters on the same campuses the day I walked in with my concerns. Why be so Obscure when mass murders were taking place and the targets were on what I called “Schindler's List” the most valuable students that walked on campus, each head count had a federal award of discretionary spending that added up to billions of dollars that was not spent on the disabled because all they had to meet was Federal compliance criteria and the rest of the loot they could spend as they pleased. (*The film tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved the lives of more than a thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories.) The ‘Texas Disability List’ Exploited the Disabled as a commodity of trade, ADA grants were the biggest Federal Funding Sources to the Texas University Systems.

What concerns me and rightfully so, They were also awarded billions of dollars in discretionary grants to study, target, track and observe the disabled, developed Electronic Behavior Control weapons that can kill, as if each and every one of us was a potential violent threat and suffered from some form or other DM mental illness Linda Cardenas coined “Behavior That Is Concerning,” who plagiarized her doctorate thesis and it is doubtful she attended four years of college as a student.

They said they do not understand it but they cannot say they did not get it!

Not Free Speech - Force participation for protection just like in Mexico gno 09/24/2013
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