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Saturday, November 9, 2013

You Stand With Rand Still Sitting On 1000's Marine VA Claims Kentucky Senator

Payback Time
You Stand in Line Waiting For Senator Rand Kentucky Fry That Frog

Veterans Administration Called Me 8 Years Ago and Said We An't Paying You 
By Law They Have Too
Bush Babies Crying To Grandpa

(LOUISVILLE, KY) -  Outside of the military, no corporation could avoid the huge liability for deaths and injuries from poisoned water wells. Camp Lejeune Marines who were injured by the base’s contaminated water wells are getting the shaft.  The latest statistics from the VA’s Louisville office on Camp Lejeune’s disability compensation claims show an 84% denial rate for medical conditions claimed by veterans for Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water wells. Lejeune veterans and their dependents are covered for 15 medical conditions under current law but there is no provision for presumptive compensation to those injured. The political decision to go with the VA for presumptive medical care but not compensation and not demand that DOD provide its TRICARE health insurance to Lejeune Marines and dependents and civilian workers was a mistake (my view).

Politicians Take Money So Do Baptist Preachers and Hindu Gurus Standing in Line for Senator Rand Thousands of VA Marine Claims on Hold

At least he now citing people correctly still plagiarizing though

 "I owe these unions."

 President Barack Obama couldn't have stated it any more clearly.

 Accused of plagiarism, U.S. senator admits ‘mistakes’ in his office

I an’t no hater I am the guy from Texas that found my VA File on a Kentucky Golf Course. Why Don't work on the real issues it is now over 15 years overdue
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