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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Texas RICO Network Places Two United States Presidents In Harms Way

The RICO Network The Way It Works

by: Arctotraveler
Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 08:30 PM CDT

The Texas RICO Network would not be possible without the assistance of William Session X-FBI Director divulging classified information for inside trading of those of Texas Public Trust. The Texas RICO operations are designed for incumbents to hold power and legitimately used by the Secret Service to protect the Presidents of the United States by sharing data that is false or misleading of a targeted person which incorporates any Private Investigative firm (Sworn officers do not relive them from the liability) and in my case, the Veterans hospital who employees student and doctors from the University systems.

The Texas RICO Operation includes all federally funded disabled legal assistance offices, who failed to represent me and Senator John Cornyn who put these agencies in place denying Texas disabled due process and assimilated attorney client information without taking my case. Texas Fusion Centers, Texas Victims of Crime Office, UTSA San Antonio, University Systems, Belinda Cardenas X-president of the University of El Paso (Acting Board Regents UTSA), Texas Human Health Services, the Texas Rangers and Governor Rick Perry.

This list may not be all inclusive such as the case of Senator Carlos Uresti office who knew about the problems and did not help my family after requesting assistance. The RICO operations target persons by manipulating data that is shared and used against the targeted person, including stalking with deadly force, police swatting and retaliating, while I attended a school abroad that meets the criteria of State Sponsored International Terrorism listed on my ITVERP complaint.

My case example shows an error by the local FBI office and Washington D.C. after reporting that I was a witness to three terrorist bombings and suffer from the effects, one of which was the protection of a witness of the 911 attack not to be targeted and attacked. The Secret Service should have known this before they threatened my family forcing to do anything within my means to protect myself and my targeted extended family, while also putting myself in harms way to protect two Presidents of Untied States of America.

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