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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Always Has A Poker Face

Who Is Bluffing Who?

Most notably, the governor is linked to more than 250,000 people harmed by drugs or devices produced by big pharmaceutical corporations, with 88,000 that are known dead, and thousands more likely deceased. The numbers are still being calculated by forensics, In the State of Texas if they can, they will, and they did. [The Actual death toll in 250,000 that spike the USA mortality 2000--2006 but a group of politicians collaborated and manipulated the statistics, agreeing 88,000 would be more palatable for the public when just one is death enough]

The many disclosures by NSA personnel warning of a police state never has been a secret if you have been harmed or attacked by non-lethal and bio-lethal weapons. The notion, “Why should it concern me? I have done no wrong,” adopted by plantation slaves that happily accepted a false sense of protection from their masters, unaware the security was a form of mind control intended to oppress and keep the slaves working on the farm. 

Today’s civil division is between those that know and those that do not. Those who advocate for those that do not know are unjustly stalked down by the same domestic surveillance systems. 

Thank God they underestimated the potential of the human soul. I gave them fair warning into the same data stream used to harm me and others, first with a published essay, Who is watching who and do they know what they’re doing? 

“Unfortunately, behavioral scientists ignore the fact that some clairvoyants can take a peek into the future, visualize an eminent threat, and know instinctively when someone has their attention on them or looking at them even when the observation is done remotely by a camera or even a satellite.” 

The civil war that never manifested between the Texas corrupted few and the oppressed is to the credit of those who have made sacrifices by seeking justice in the courts. 

Credit also goes to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States, who was also attacked by electronic devices and falsely accused of devising the system that was actually first developed in the State of Texas by George Bush mandates that later gave Governor Perry a blank check of discretionary spending. 

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Whistle-blower is a ambiguous linguistic determinate in the case above, which was reported by protocol and is in public domain. there is no hidden secrets in these essays such as the American Populace unjustly praises treasonous acts such Edward Snowdin.

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