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Friday, September 6, 2013

Retirement Sold Out the 2nd Time in One Lifetime under Republican GOP Monopoly RICO Act

A Texas Tradition

How To Make A Profit Off Your Retirement
(You get Nothing for What You Invested In - A Donald Trump College Program)

An Anti-American Republican GOP Political Platform?
Even The Military Won't Re-enlist Me Although
I Am Still Living and Fighting In A War

Retirement Sale Out, The Texas Political Platform, by State Law, Corporate Profit Vested Retirement Pro-folio, Insurance Fraud, Disabled Veterans 

Reported To Proper Authorities
God Bless America!

No Matter What 
I Will Be There for U

After The 2nd Sell Out of My Own Retirement(s)
I Know Someday Will Never Come

Please Don't Make Me File Another Complaint Concerning Your
Creative Financial Practices 

You Lied To Me As the Years Went By
Please Don't Lie To Others

Please Note: The Hearing Impaired Option Listed And 
See The Option 'I Could Not Refuse.'

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