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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Show That Political Targets and Electronic Behavioral Abuse Is Still Being Use by The Republican GOP

A Logical Linguistic Link to X-Governor Running
From Justice Not Office

Why We Want The Last Nail In Dr. Frankenstein Coffin?
They made me!
Why This Picture for 24 Hours On My But Not On Your Screen for 24 Hours? 
09/17/2013: Continued ‘Cyclops Intrusive Behavior’ (PSYOPs) of television, YouTube and radio witnessed by experts and ejected from the borders of Canada (Along with Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz) as well as many other European Countries.

PSYOPs Slang: Cyclops the one eyed purple “We The People” eater – True capabilities Classified (That means I don't know ether)

Used by the Texas Party Founding Members Governor Rick Perry and The Koch Brothers to try and win a Mitt Romney Election or just one reason the United Nations is coming back  to Texas if these criminals are not brought before justice. I believe for manslaughter rise in suicides and homicides

“Schindler's List.” A data manipulation of interest, they gave me credit for nuclear physics classes that I never attended and reported it immediately to the Omnibus-man signed “Whistle Blower” Gregory O’Dell.

Disabled, Harassed and Block Access Medical, Law Enforcement, Education, Representation Start Time 8:00Am  -  09/17/2013  to 3:34Am still block by The Rick Perry Communist Regime which is illegal in Texas and called Violations of the RICO Act.

My emails and phone are blocked for 36 months.

Still abused by pysops by unknown parties to me but known to criminals and they will be brought to justice. 11:53 09/17/2013

It an't about me. My problems are nothing compared to what others are suffering. 
It's Not Puff The Magic Dragon That Pops You When Open

Then That EMF Flash

Real Funny But I Am Over Fifty
Can You Imagine a 13 Year Old Getting Hit by Illegal Devices?

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