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Friday, September 6, 2013

We The People Are Everywhere We are Responsible to Baby Sit the Idiots We Elected to Congress

We Are The Priest Hell Within Texas Walls

Gregory -

Before organizations like ours existed, this Colorado recall campaign would have been a slam dunk for the gun lobby.

But whatever happens next Tuesday night, those days are over. And that's because of people like you who have had enough of the gun violence ravaging our communities and the politicians afraid to stop it.

So far, almost 13,000 Americans for Responsible Solutions supporters have donated to help us run television ads supporting both of the candidates facing recall for passing expanded background checks earlier this year.

And dozens more are set to volunteer on-the-ground this weekend.

With four days to go before the vote, we need you to join them with a $10 contribution to keep us on the air through Election Day. You can do that here:

The private polls show a dead-heat and the early vote numbers give us some reason for optimism, but there's still time before the polls close and the counting begins.

The gun lobby isn't going down without a fight -- and neither are we.

Let's win this one as a team,

Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly

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