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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Brag Just Facts - How FISA and Texas Tea Party Aerospace Domestic Surveillance Kills Texas Jobs

Put another Chalk Mark on Social Security Alternative Solutions 

I Cannot Leave the Country for High Tech Job Ops.

I Cannot Go To Beach without Texas Domestic Surveillance Setting Right Next To Me and My Family

I Cannot Create Aerospace Jobs without the Texas Governor Sticking His Finger in Due Process

1. Set Up FedEx CVM Manger Italy's Alenia Aeronavali as the era of the DC- 10 Super Freighter Mod That Employed Hundreds of South Central Texans 

2. The Boeing Procurement Set Up: The site would not be San Antonio Texas or the people I hired would have jobs if it were not for me and a few executives at FedEx, Whitehall, and Aero Corp was established in 1998 to provide an affordable, high-quality, short cycle-time maintenance and modification center for large aircraft. Under a lease through Port San Antonio, First by Mc Donald Douglas Then Became the Boeing GS&S San Antonio site. 

Texas Domestic Surveillance

Who Is Watching Who And Do They Know What They Are Doing?

Do they do a good job at Surveying Their own Behavior?

Pleased to meet You 
You Already Know My Name
G. N. O'Dell 09/11/2013

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