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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Well This Explains Allot “NSA, DEA, IRS Lie about Facts”

Family Life In South Central Texas Post Bush 911 Mandates

Easy Fix! Move NSA Under The Department of Defense
The DOD Cannot Share Any Information About You
Trust Me! I Have Been Waiting for a VA 
Determination for 15 Years!

I was transferred to a new duty station in 1978 and they lost my records I guess with the Tesla Files and the 1st Sargent told me,

 "You Should Keep on Walking. They Don't Know You Exist."

I Told Him, "Where Can I Find A Job I Can Climb Into The Cockpit of An F15 Fighter Jet and Run Engines at Full Military and Get Paid To Do It!

Real Funny People these 1st Sargent's!

If You Live In Texas, Be Glad NSA Is Around - Just Read The Latest Texas  Fusion Center Report

Senator Ron Wyden has said that the law provides the NSA with a loophole potentially allowing “warrantless searches for the phone calls or emails of law-abiding Americans”, and raised the issue when he met with President Obama on August 1. This is the first time we’ve had evidence that the NSA has — or will have — the authority to warrantlessly search its databases with the specific intent of digging up information on specific U.S. individuals.

Short Paragraph From Forbes at this Link:

God Bless America!

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