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Sunday, September 15, 2013

To Remind Us of 250,000 Dead by Big Pharmaceutical Don't Let the GOP Murders Threaten Obama Healthcare

Big Pharmaceutical Threat to Obama Healthcare 
Not The People Who Receive Care

Do these murders have a get out of jail free card? Where is the rule-of-law Texas Tea Party Senator Cruz is crying about? This Senator Works For Us - We Do Not Work For Him. I have a valid criminal complaint against this Senator, who brings harm to his own constituents in Texas!

Are You or Your Family Next?

 Reported To The United States Attorney General

VIOXX Free Samples are Labeled before FDA Approval
Three 747 Cargo Aircraft Loaded with Free Samples are Kept Running on the Flight Line waiting for an FDA Illegal Signature

Are We Going Back To 
George Bush-whacker tactics that Kill 
United States Citizens?

More people have been Killed in the last decade by Big Pharmaceutical
Than any war or conflict sense War World II! 

THE RURAL SOUTH TEXAS WATCH agrees with the President’s statement, “Everything that can be said about the new healthcare bill has been said.” But please, let us not forget what was said a decade ago in a Chinese Journal that could have an affect on the Obama Healthcare Bill TODAY posted on my blog “Bill Clinton Healthcare was Threat to Merck VIOXX Approved in 11 Days” at this link

Bill Clinton (Clinton) a health plan proposed by the Government price controls for drugs constitute a threat. Some powerful managed care organizations for the price of drugs require a significant discount. "People questioned the value of breakthrough research what is?"

Translated from traditional Chinese to English
他山之石:默克公司开发新药度难关 20010116 11:27 道琼斯 15年来,默克公司(Merck & Co.,MRK)药物研究所所长爱德华 斯科尔尼克(Edward Scolnick)深知公司将面临现在这种危机。 他经常暗自担心独立的 默克公 不能度过这个难关。我的这些怀疑从未告诉过任何人,斯科尔尼克博士说。
The Following Links are Broken But Still Available To The Justice Department 
Who I Reported and They Collected 25 Billion Dollars
Criminal Fines

The full article translated from traditional Chinese to English at
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