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Friday, September 6, 2013

Siren Gas Leak South Bexar County Texas

Reported Along with Other Classified Documents
Any US Veteran Would Have
Privacy Why It Should Concern Us!

What Happens When Texas Hacks Your PC Not NSA
What Happens When Texas Hacks Your PC Not NSA
Oct 2012: “After the election, November 6, 2012, a joint attack will be made on Syria for already using Bio-lethal weapons for political control. Amy Guttmann an official from the Whitehouse already apologized (2011) for using bio-weapons on United States citizens and her justification was "other countries are doing it" The first public leak that bio-lethal weapons were used to win an election was when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran was reelected and condemned for using Sorcery (Similar to the U.S. PYOPS Program) by  the Supreme Leader of Iran (Persian: ??? ???? ??????, vali-e faghih-e iran,[1] lit. Leader of the Revolution, or ???? ??????, rahbar-e enghelab,[2] lit. Leadership Authority).” 

“Texas Governor Rick Perry is guilty of using similar mass mesmerizing applications to win all elections after he was appointed to office filling the vacuum of George Bush’s election in 2000. He was denounced publicly by Bill White the Democrat running for Governor in 2009, “Rick Perry Should Not Be Governor”. All country leaders have been toying with these bio-devices in an electronic / Biological arms race using their own people as the subjects of the experiments of such devices sense 1998. See my article The Burden of Proof Radio Microwaves Used on Texans for GOP Political Control at this link,
which references The CRS Report To Congress (Rl31787) Information Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Cyberwar: Capabilities and Related Policy Issues, Updated March 20, 2007. Explains a lot about what has transpired between January 2006 and now.”

“In my opinion, these types of devices and technologies should have never been shared with civilians (the Republican GOP constantly refers to as the Private Sector). The United States have already used non-lethal (Bio-lethal) devices on the Syrian Leaders and failed. These types of devices are invisible to the uninitiated, so see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil is the rationale that has keep the public from knowing with absolute certainty that Bio-lethal weapons have already been used on the Syrian people including secret militias such as Texas Governor Rick Perry has done because it is so hard to prove.”

“The concern is will Syria use of some type of device such as lethal gas that is not an invisible crime and cause a global outcry with thousands of dead bodies and a known causal source that can be seen or the effect can be link to mass bio-attacks such as lethal gases which Syria has a stockpile. After the election, November 6, 2012, a joint attack will be made on Syria for already using Bio-lethal weapons for political control.”

What Happens When Texas Hacks Your PC Not NSA

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Texas Lacks Common Sense, is once again in my classified files reported to Secret Service when the San Antonio FBI Failed to Act with Intent to bring harm – Will Let the Secret Service Handel That. You don’t want me shooting from the hip!

Whose P.C. is it anyways 09/06/2013 gno

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