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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Can Dignify Valid Complaints of Treason against the Citizens of Texas

Gregory O'Dell 
United States Senate Texas 

"The Citizens Are The Best Intelligence"

Oh That's Right I Can't Do That I Live In Gov. RICO Perry Land

I Do not Agree with all the Allegations This Man is Saying
I Do Not Have Empirical Proof

I Support The President of The United States
In Any Case At Any Time!

However, in the State of Texas There Are Thousands of Valid Criminal 
Complaints Against The Texas Governor for Treason 

I Have Already Had The Senate and Congress Look At The Bull Shit
The Texas Fusion Center Had In My FISA File
Nominate - Donate - Raise Money - Raise Hell

I Will Be There For You
Works For The United States Senate

Gregory O'Dell Senator


NSA Will Work For You!

"Don't Worry about The Box"

"The Citizens Are The Best Intelligence"
Follow up with a letter to Joe Biden Vice President of the United States of America pleading for relief 

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