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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Who? In Their Right Minds Would Want To Be Normal?

Who? In Their Right Minds Would Want To Be Normal?

Written By My Good Harold Mandel

Scores ruined by American psychiatric tyranny who could have done well elsewhere National Harold Mandel
National, Health Examiner September 18, 2011 - Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

The powerful American political propaganda machine often brainwashes people all over the world into believing the American legal system is the most fair and humane system in the world and that scores of political prisoners in other nations such as the troubled Arab countries, Israel, and the Communist nations of North Korea, Vietnam, China and Cuba could have had much better lives if only they lived in the United States. A careful analysis of the true state of affairs in the United States shows that this is not necessarily true due to the undemocratic, corrupt and brutal nature of the nation's civil mental health care system. This system of tyranny is clearly used to brutally crush dissent instead of to heal people from mental illness.

The US federal government and American psychiatrists have deviously worked with all 50 states and all American territories across the world to create a brutal, corrupt, and undemocratic "system within a system" of psychiatric enslavement, torture and murder which is used to brutally crush dissent in the nation and which is not discussed openly on a daily basis. Consider that daily scores of privileged and wealthy people get up to go to work at multi-million dollar magnificent brokerage houses on Wall Street in New York City or in exclusive Hollywood sets in Los Angeles as millions and millions of well-educated victims of American psychiatry who could have otherwise had naturally healthy and productive lives are dying in the filthy streets.
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In fear for my families safety and my own life, I write a plea for protection to Greg Abbott Attorney General of Texas as follows:

Plea to Greg Abbott Page 1
Plea to Greg Abbott Page 2

I never received a response, so I wrote Senator John Cornyn a note and he explained that he would monitor my case but the Gang Stalking only intensified to include stalking by military helicopters. The next step taught to me as per a Texas State Required Course Government 1.01 was to write a letter to President of the United States as follows the four letters of protocol.

Response from Holly Kuzmich Department of Education to Senator Cornyn First Letter 
Response Letter from Senator John Cornyn August 2009
Response Letter from Ciro Rodriguez who Misrepresented Himself as my Congressional Representative and Refused to Investigate the Gang Stalking
Response from Ralph D. Rouse Human Health Services 

03/03/2013 Note: You Can Now Add  Senator @Ted Cruz

The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States of America
Thank you for the opportunity to address the highest level of government via your web site for positive change in Washington. Few Americans have problems that require a letter to the president to straighten out an issue, especially if the issue already has a process and function in place to handle such concerns such as disability discrimination and retaliation in higher education. 

Unfortunately, after two years of writing reports to the Justice Department at the request of the Justice Department, I just received what is known in disable student circles as a ‘Cee Cee Rubber Stamp” letter that states “The circumstances you describe do not raise an issue that we are able to address,” signed Cee Cee Allaway, Director, Complaint Intake & Adjudication. My concerns list in details, the systematic discrimination that exist today on American Campuses that played a major role in the shooting at Virginia Tech, on one of your campuses, Illinois University in April 2008, and a library in my own Home town of San Antonio Texas less than six months ago!

Senator John Cornyn is monitoring this case because I made a commitment to his office, “If this case is investigated thoroughly it will help all Texas Disabled students.” I also made a commitment to the Dallas Office of Civil Rights that I would cooperate fully with the investigation that is now in process for over two years and is a major campus safety concern. The Dallas Field Office of Civil Rights cannot perform their duties if Cee Cee rubber stamps and rejects valid complaints from students and also in this case disabled student parents of students that attend Texas Campuses- We have a valid interest in this case regardless of the fact that we are both disabled.

Lastly, at the request of the Justice Department, I have submitted 100rds of pages of testimony that is still under investigation by the Dallas Field Office. Today, I receive a letter from Cee Cee Allaway that does not state which of the 27 separate grievances of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment now under investigation by the Dallas Field Office that Cee Cee is rejecting. Please have your staff look into the bogus investigations by the Justice Department over the last eight years during the Bush Administration. Due process cannot work with a Justice Department that cheats to its own agenda.
Thank you Gregory O’Dell and Family and on behalf of disabled students of higher education 

I understood that my case was reviewed by Rick Perry Governor of Texas but what I did not know is the State of Texas voided out all civil rights by the Governors 911 Act executive order. After the review of the executive order, I wrote an article explaining the injustice these people of public trust have brought upon the normal working class citizens of Texas as follows:

“History has taught us to be vigilant about the loss of liberty to those who want to monitor us in order to increase our security”
Why Texas Governor James Richard Perry Should Resign from Office 
By Gregory O’Dell July 8, 2011 

A miracle is a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things. Perhaps miracles are natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty.

Take a moment and think of all the people who are so commonplace in your daily affairs, they seem to be non-existent or completely invisible at times, such as a house keeper, security guards, maintenance personnel, students, clerks, grounds people, local grocer, or even a spouse. 

At times, gender, race, and cultural groups seem to ride in a perceptual blind spot of social recognition. There is a good chance that even people of prestigious positions such as a Mayor, Senator, constable, banker, or your own child’s teacher go unnoticed and you may have experienced difficulty with their names or would not recognize them at a social function.
Certainly, the people that hosted such a function, the workers, the servers, and those that prepared the food and drink, dwell in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility. Could it be that there is an everyday ordinary common god, as close as the invisible nose on your face, working miracles in your life? 

I met Mary a few years back while doing research on the origin and history of the Medina Dam Reservoir in rural South Texas, the oldest concrete reservoir developed, financed, and engineered by a man who lost his life on the Lusitania, torpedoed by a German U-boat U-20 on 7 May 1915, an event that brought the United States into the Great World War, now known as World War I as a matter of history repeating World War II.
The Medina Reservoir Irrigation system was expanded during the Roosevelt's New Deal era creating 1000's of jobs for the undereducated unemployed after the Black Monday stock market crash of 1929 into a recession so deep it is remembered as the Great Depression, the biggest financial meltdown in the history of the United States which had an effect on the world’s economic health for the next 40 years. 

I have forgotten the Medina Reservoirs developers name engraved on a brass plate that is no longer accessible as in days of my youth, fenced in with high barbed wired fences financed by the 911 Patriot Act in the name of National Security by the newly formed Texas Anti-terrorism Task Force while I was away working in China.
Little did I know the anti-terrorism task force brought back the corruption of the McCarthyism era, 1940’s-1950’s, an anti-communism domestic surveillance program developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation led by J Edgar Hoover, dictating We The People as enemies of the State. 

Never-the-less, as my eyes look for a way to circumvent the barrier for a photograph of the historic marker; followed the bottom of the fence upwards over the spiraling razor wire peering into deep space, aware of my tiny insignificance in the whole of things unaware of a satellite perched over my GPS position. Nor, did I heed the words that Mary had said, “Somebody is Always Watching.”
Corruption and politics has never interested me much, and if it were not for the Secret Service visiting our farm and threatening my family three times in 2008, and the continual intrusion of my privacy of being stalked and tracked by new high tech domestic surveillance devices and the illegal incorporation of a private firm on a Texas University that brought myself and family great harm, I would have never of given much thought to Global Economic Crisis; however,  I just happen to be one of those people that dwell in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility, just your everyday ordinary common mystic. 

Poetry developed 20,000 years ago as hymns chanted or sung by Mystics in the same way songs developed from illiterate American slaves from conceptions beyond the temporal binary association of rational thought I call “Pennies from Heaven.” In times of despair Mystics seek Divine guidance by shifting their consciousness beyond binary associations and often times write these experiences down in verse; or the poem that has already been written.

The pragmatic calls these blessing of inspiration the abstract, but in reality the abstract is the logical linear written expression we call a poem. A better example would be a highway map which is an abstract drawing of empirical objects; another would be a linear typed engineering design without illustrations which is in fact an abstract design. Abstract designs includes the best software applications of today or tomorrow that will never break through the linguistic sound barrier of binary associations-  known as the Ontological Dilemma or the fact “to know is to be human.” Digital systems have proven to be good slaves for mankind but make very bad Masters. 

Thank God for miracles or positive events in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things such in my case which reflected karmic harm back to those that bring harm to the harmless!
Privacy Golden Rule: 
Privacy Golden Rule: 

The new 911 free- for- all spending Act mandated by George Bush Jr. drained our economy by paying our neighbors to keep an eye on us as secret intelligence operatives and corporations now protected by the secret emergency measure under the guise to keep us safe while violating the intent to our right to personal privacy protected by our constitution.

Every time congress enacts a new law, no matter how trivial, we are strip of our freedom to legislate our own actions and places the burden of our behavior on Law Enforcement Agencies. If congress were to pass a law today that band sex, very few would obey the law nor would the police enforce it; however, if the law only applies to the citizens and not to those who govern or the police who are rewarded for enforcing the law, violates the 'rule of law' that only leads to government corruption.

Likewise, congressional law makers know, no matter how rational a proposition may seem in theory, the only way to prove a legislative mandate benefits the better good is after the law is applied. If a newly drafted law is the cause of better sweet consequences or unjust; the law is debated by a congressional oversight committee, and if necessary adjusted in some way or is repealed.

Legislative laws that produce dire consequences, especially for those that band together as Special Interest Groups and those that govern, creates a power uproar so loud it calls for immediate action and in some cases Martial law is supreme as we have seen after the 911 attack on New York City with the disregard to our right to privacy which is also a constitutional necessity.  

Emergency executive orders or Martial law at the state level such as Texas were rightly approved and enacted to protect the whole body of the United States from Terrorism with good reason, we had just been attacked with our own passenger airlines that brought down the twin towers that stood high above the New York city sky-line which hosted the worlds global financial centers that killed never 4000 people, September 11, 2001. On this same day attempts to destroy the Pentagon and the White House failed to complete their mission, praise God.
Lieutenant Texas Governor James Richard Perry, known as “Rick Perry” assumed the office of  Texas Governor by protocol of George W. Bush winning presidential election in 2000 just months before the attack and issued an executive order RP8 "Relating to the Governor's Task Force of Homeland Security." 

"This executive order supersedes all previous orders and shall remain in effect and in full force until modified, amended, rescinded, or superseded by me [Governor Rick Perry] or by a succeeding Governor.”

Unfortunately, the order has never been rescinded or was still in effect as of his third election in 2010 which gave the Governor almost complete dictatorship in Texas which included over 4,500 bias appointees of Public Trust some embedded in the Supreme Court creating a corrupt Texas Justice system.

Executive Order RP8 violated the Civil and Human Rights of all Texas Citizens clearly expressed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Texas Governor Rick Perry  used Overt and Convert Acts against the people of Texas solely to retain power and oppress the people of Texas in the name of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act.

Rick Perry openly declared war on the United States and attempted succession from the Union without consideration of law abiding American Patriots who reside in Texas and are United States Citizens.  

The Governor of Texas by virtue of the power and authority is legally responsible for and is directly linked to the abuse of Federal Funds by his signature of executive order RP8 which formed the Texas anti-terrorism task force which has led to political favors that include State as well as Federal employees who freely act without fear of prosecution as if above the law.

Texas Governor Rick Perry sat aloof of illegal acts as if by washing his hands releases him from any involvement as all others by his orders must suffer punishment by law as a consequence of his executive emergency order and their own illegal actions. These favors or lawless orders are justified by fear of a necessary evil for a better good against an unidentified fictitious enemy of the United States by using the term 'Terrorism or Terrorist' instead of specific persons or organizations. 

The focus of counter-terrorism should be on those that have attacked or plan to attack the United States or at war with the same instead of a creature in the dark which lends to the abuse of power by fear of unknown threats to retain power and oppress the people. The means in which the Governor held to power is by anti-ethical investigations devices and by prosecution of the innocent with undue conspiracy charges whenever the Governor of Texas cries wolf or 'Terrorism.' 

See The Texas Governor that Cries Wolf at the following link:

In 2009, newly elected President Barrack Obama corrected this Naming and Necessity problem by clearly identifying that United States was at war with a specific organization known as Al-Qaeda.  Al-Qaeda is a global militant Sunni Islamist group founded by Osama bin Laden. I understand Osama bin Laden was the leader of "A group called The Islamic Movement for Change" that claimed responsibility of the first federal building bombing in Saudi Arabia. I have good reason to believe it, I was a witness to the first federal bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 13, 1995 as well as my departed wife who was a Federal Worker at the time and I was her dependent. She did not die in the explosion but from unrelated causes later in life years before I met Mary and thought I would never love again. 

The point of mentioning the terrorist bombing by Osama bin Laden in 1995 is that the attack on New York would have never taken place and the 911 Patriot Act is an un-necessary evil designed to keep the wealthy few secure and wealthy.

Financial corruption followed in all States because the 911 Patriot Act which by general consensus of being at war, no one questioned trillions of dollars of expenditures in the name of national security justified by the 911 patriot act. In the case of the State of Texas, financial statistics accounted for over twenty present of our nation’s debt between the periods of 2001-2008 and a 23 Billion dollar deficit in the State of Texas own treasury drained by Perry Big Oil Tax Plan. 

The office of Texas comptroller accounted for every penny as a precursor letter in 2006 that the “Perry Tax Plan is the Biggest Hot Check in Texas History” and projected a 23 Billion dollar shortfall in 2010 which all Texans mostly children, the elderly, and those that require social services suffered dramatically from the consequences of the Governors tax legislation.

When the 911 Act was drafted, great care and concern for our constitutional right to privacy and due process lead to a serious philosophical debate in regards to privacy intrusions; not those that are mere mild irritations of privacy but those violations that could endanger the lives of others such as wiretapping, domestic surveillance, and sharing of classified information between the FBI and police or those of Public Trust including private firms. 

Once the 911 Act was passed, privacy intrusions became a matter of public trust which is an ethical concern and not a point of law. Ethics is only a concern for those that are honorable and honest; however, many people consider morality as a moot notion such as those who argue the new age Kant Hedonism theory, "If we don't know where we came from and we don't know where we are going, why should we care about the way we act?"
This is not to say those of Public Trust are dishonest, because it is more likely to be true to say "everybody is honest"; therefore, the problem of privacy violations is not an ethical concern of honesty but a point of trustworthiness which is a point of law. Systemic rules are rules of trustworthiness such as the policies at any bank which incorporate checks and balances that are tedious and seem to be ambiguous to ensure the investors that the bank is trustworthy, which is not the case of honesty or an ethical concern. 

The 911 act was mandated by President George Bush Jr. for good reason with the intent to "keep us safer" but those in positions of public trust that take Kant's free will theory literally, without ethical judgment but to the letter of the law, used the 911 Act to fleece our countries coffers and create trillions of dollars in debt while lining their own pockets with gold at the same time busied themselves building political empires. 

People that consider ethics as a moot notion will not disclose the fact they do not care about the way they act; however, you can identify them when they show no empathy or justify an unethical life style by making such statements “If you have a concern about it, then make a law against it!" 

One of the first bold acts of our newly elected Commander-n-Chief, President Barack Obama in April of 2009, was to make sure the application of the Rule of Law was applied by incorporating systemic mandates or rules of checks and balances that ensure those of Public Trust are Trustworthy. Again, this is not a question of honesty, everybody is honest. The rule of law simply means the application of the law applies to those that are governed and those that govern too. Nobody is above the law or can anyone make an exception to the law.

Most citizens believe that the 911 Act overrides all privacy laws including those government agencies that enforce laws that ensures our right to privacy by evidence of backlogs of complaints that go back for many years, as if the right to privacy is no longer a law that anyone obeys such as a law that would make sex an illegal act- nobody will obey it not even the police. If we apply an exception to the rule that sex is a violation punishable by law except for those that enforce the law is that '“slippery slope" of corruption that in part or by whole caused the biggest Global Economic Meltdown in over one hundred years. 

The 911 Act speed and impact of destruction to global economic health could not have been possible without the incorporation of private security firms and data bases or computer applications that were hard wired to favorable responses without an audit trail or any quality assurance systems that once required human intervention.

Total reliance of computer applications gave these private firms or any illegitimate State Militia the disastrous ability to access payment for goods and services without competitive bids or worse, corporations where paid for not providing any services expect for accounts receivable and accounts payable system tied to automatic payments from the federal government. Many of these firms and government organizations used blanket covers of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. The 911 Free-for-all spending act justified funds and triggered automatic payments without an audit trail or auditors. 

The best software applications of today or tomorrow will never break through the linguistic sound barrier of binary associations- to know is to be human. Without a doubt, computer devices that produce artificial Intelligence are useful tools for mankind. Likewise, as recent history has shown, artificial Intelligence has proven to be a very good slave but also a very bad MASTER! 
The 911 Patriot Act caused the greatest global economic meltdown by the time I graduated in fall 2008 “Class of Global Economic Crisis” which was history repeating, but no one wanted to call the crisis by its real name The Great Depression II. Think of that entire book editing to go back and rename The Great Depression I of 1929 or worse today’s ability to change Statistics, Facts, and History for political control!

Private Security Firms Specifics:

No need to expect a miracle that causes Rick Perry to resign from the Office of the Governor of Texas, because the application of the rule of law does not oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things - all it takes is an indictment for his crimes against the people of Texas and the citizens of the United States of America! All it takes is faith in The United States Attorney General Office. In all other things, In God we trust!" 

Not even Clarence Thomas, United States GOP Supreme Court Puppet can write a law that protects gang stalkers for the violent acts against the disabled, because gang stalking is a violent crime no matter who you are stalking be they healthy, wealthy, or indifferent.

We must commend the University of Texas Austin for finally publishing a good definition of Stalking Behaviors (expert below) which unfortunately match many Staff Stalking Behaviors (including police/FBI). Please view the following safety sheet published by UT Austin and makes a check list of those violations that you have experienced by Staff and Police on University of Texas Campuses at Any Location:  

1. Following the person or repeatedly showing up unexpectedly at the person's class, work, favorite coffee shop, etc.
2. Sending unwanted gifts, letters, cards, or e-mails     
3.  Repeatedly calling, including "hang-ups"    
4. Monitoring victim's activity, such as phone calls, computer use, or schedule
5. Using technology to track the victim, such as hidden cameras, computer viruses, and GPS           Devices
6. Driving by places where the person spends time
7. Causing damage to victim's home, car, or other property
8. Making threats to the victim; the victim's family, friends, pets, or colleagues; or to own self      9. Searching out information about victim with the aid of public records, Internet search          services, hired investigators, or contacting friends, family, classmates, or co-workers
10. Sifting through victim's trash or other items victim has had contact with
11. Engaging in actions meant to control, track, or frighten victim
12. Unwarranted search and seizures of your home or house and stalking by military helicopters order by Rick Perry Governor of Texas

Remember, under the 911 Patriot Act it is your patriotic duty to speech out and report Staff Stalking by reporting the behavior by calling 911, or stop by your local FBI office (don't go to the one on campus that's a secret). Communication is the Key - Documentation, Documentation, and Documentation. Don't forget to use the cameras, illegal wiretapping, and computer surveillance as evidence against [Rouge] Staff, Police, and FBI! [The Majority Are Professionals and You might need these people one day!]
The rule of law, also called supremacy of law, means that the law is above everyone and it applies to everyone. Whether governor or governed, rulers or ruled, no one is above the law, no one is exempted from the law, and no one can grant exemption to the application of the law. The Rule-of-law is why I sent a thank you note to Senator NY Sen. Schumer as follows: 

A Thank You from Texas NY Sen. Schumer accuses OnStar of invading privacy
Dear Texas Congressional Representatives please pass on to the Senator Schumer that I have evidence that OnStar has been doing this for years in Texas as a tracking device by Private Security Firms and also open to other Hackers. I consider Private Security Firms before Obama's Executive order in April 2009 as illegal "Hackers".  They should have been prosecuted by a request by me to the Justice Department for Staking and Retaliation of a Disabled Student and I am still waiting. One of my specific concerns was OnStar and Illegal Hackers [Prior to EO in April 2009] My service was disconnected in 2009. When I purchased the plan the original contract expressed a powerful assurance that my privacy would not be violated. 

Once I found out that I was being tracked, I discontinued the service under contractual conditions that all GPS devices were permanently terminated but as you see they were not. If it was just me, I would not report this to your office; however, it is a concern to at least one of your constituents and thousands of people across America that bought a vehicle with on-star between 2005-2010.
I and many others appreciate Senator Schumer efforts that enforce the Presidential executive order to NSA in 2008  “to preserve and enhance”  Civil rights and Civil Liberties. 

NY Sen. Schumer accuses OnStar of invading privacy
Ap Associated Press By MICHAEL GORMLEY - Associated Press | AP – 4 hrs ago 

A week ago, OnStar changed its policy and began continuing the connection for ex-customers unless they asked for it to be discontinued.
Finnor noted keeping the two-communication active for former customers could someday allow for emergency messages to be sent even to ex-customers about severe weather or evacuations. The open line could also allow OnStar to alert drivers about warranty information or recalls, she said. 

Schumer said he isn't persuaded. He said customers shouldn't have to "opt out" of the tracking after they end service. He accuses OnStar of actively deceiving customers.
Schumer is announcing the effort Sunday by releasing a letter to the Federal Trade Commission seeking an investigation. 

OnStar charges about $199 a year for basic service and $299 a year for service that includes navigation aid.

I gathered my research by interviewing Alsatian immigrants in Castroville, Texas who still had living memory of the area’s history and spending days in the Castroville library that had a collection of local, national, and international works not yet replaced by online computer terminals.  Unlike the nearest university library empty of books and people, this small town book depository was full of locals reading books and enjoying the library’s resources less history repeat! 
My home, a farm house, was miles away from my field project so I spent the last night in an old Inn after interviewing Mary, a young lady my age for information concerning my research. Mary, a Park Ranger, suggested that I stay at the local historic Landmark Inn which was the beginning of a lifelong relationship. 

Like I said previously, a miracle is a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things. Perhaps miracles are natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty. Here is looking back at you!
 “History has taught us to be vigilant about the loss of liberty to those who want to monitor us in order to increase our security”

Thousands of Discarded Disability Claims U.S. Colleges and Universities Still In Limbo August 2011

 (Many of these people are still being stalked or have derogatory information held by Private Security Firms, unable to find gainful employment or harassed by law enforcement for information that they should not have.)

What happened inside the Office of Civil Rights during the Bush 
Administration that gridlock and denied valid civil rights claims that insure due process, justice, and anti-discrimination policies that should have been  applied on U.S. Colleges and Universities which had a direct causal effect on the 100 fold increase in  campus violence in  the years 2001-2008.  Several creditable reports show  the use of terms by senior and supervisory staff such as "commies" and "Socialist" to demoralize staff members enforcing the law under the Bush Administration.  The Office of Civil Rights is the  most important government agency in Washington ensuring equal protections of the law and prosecute violations and acts of hatred against those that can not protect themselves.  Thomas Perez has announced  the turn around in the OCR's  office of attorney and legal counsel as follows:

Statement  of  Thomas E. Perez Assistant Attorney General Department of Justice Before the Committee of the Judiciary United States Senate Concerning the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice Presented April 20, 2010
Thank you U.S. Justice Department for Stepping Up! Read the Bold Truthful Report from Thomas E. Perez Assistant Attorney General Office of  Civil Rights at the following link:

"My administration has a Civil Division that is once again prosecuting civil rights violations and employment discrimination"

"Perhaps most importantly, this involves assembling a team of committed, talented career attorneys and professional staff to carry out the Division's critical work. Between 2003 and 2007, more than 70 percent of Division's attorneys left, many taking with them year o experience and expertise."
"The Division has made considerable progress in the protection of rights for individuals with disabilities. The Disability Rights Section in the first year of the Administration filed 12 lawsuits and reached 39 settlement agreements. This work includes 14 new agreements under Project Civic Access, which allow the Division to  Work cooperatively with local government to ensure greater access to Civic programs and services of individuals with disabilities."
"Meanwhile, the Administration's first year proved to be a landmark for federal enforcement of the Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. L.C., 527 U.S. 581 (1999), a ruling requiring state to eliminate unnecessary segregation of persons with disabilities and provide those individuals with services in the most integrated steering appropriate. The Omstead decision has often been called the Brown v. Board of Education of the  disability rights movement, and in the last year the Department filed amicus briefs in five separate cases in Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, and Florida, and intervened in a case in New York (Perez)."

One of  first OCR articles in 2009 titled "United States Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez to speak at NCCU School of Law" states "The mission of the Civil Rights & Constitutional Law Society is to promulgate the continued need for activism, advocacy, discussion, research, writing, and legal representation for civil and human rights issues."

One state in the union, Texas has made it clear that they will not participate, condone, nor support disability mandates concerning disabled student equality, access to a higher education, or equal protection under  the law, arguing  only 'able bodies'  are protected by the constitution under the 10th amendment  and 'disabled bodies' are a burden of care by way of virtue of the State of Texas (Rick Perry). Perhaps we should bring back the sporting term of 'handicapped' and remove the disability by two thirds vote of congress!

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Re-Post Original April 2009: A Community Service or what the world looks like from my home, my extended families view and thousands of other South Texans. A matter of court records, police reports, FBI visits, contact with the Secret Service, and Office of Civil Rights grievances, who complained that I submitted too many, 22 at their request and with the threat of endangerment of lives?

Many were never worked because my final statement in May 2008 was hidden from the investigating officer(s), while I was stalked in Mexico attending college [An FBI Official School] and returned to San Antonio and got more of the same Data Record Manipulation, Stalking, and Retaliation, without any legal representation.

The system set-up by John Cornyn failed as I was sandwiched between a threat assessment training program, and at the same time I was also a subject of experimentation conducted by the state, on and off campus (unknowingly and without any compensation or permission from me). I was watching their reports about me the subject of observation, who became a suspect and finally an enemy of the state - Human Experimentation Outside of Protocol.

As you can see this has been a five year ordeal for me and my extended family. It must have cost the state and federal government millions of dollars just to attack my family and if you add the thousands of other families targeted in this same way; you might come up a Trillion Dollar deficit reduction.

My personal friend Harold Mandel wrote "Scores ruined by American psychiatric tyranny who could have done well elsewhere?" I certainly could of done better with the millions of dollars wasted on abusing the disabled by helping those in need. In fact, I still have not gotten a comptroller report with the detailed cost requested from Congressman Henry Cuellar office or a copy of a Vietnam consultant log-in form requested from him in April 2009. His office personnel has blocked communications three times from me and sent me to the wrong congressional representative to keep from working my concerns, which include a rejected valid VA disability claim that I have been treated by military doctors while and sense I was in the Military!

A true representation of what disabled students including disabled veterans in Texas go through much like a David and Goliath biblical story; however, most are crushed by The Giant of Political Bureaucracy. By the grace of God therefore I go...............

We Must Share We Must Find Ways To Do It 

Filed June 13 2012 Dist Atty 81st Texas,

Case Numbers 12-04270, 12-04429

Charge 1. Stalking Retaliation, Including International Stalking of a student and disabled Veteran  (No Response from the State Department resubmitted to John Kerry Secretary of the State United States of America)

Charge 2. State Sponsored Terrorism

Charge 3. State Deployment of Bio-Lethal Weapons On Texas Citizens

Charge 4. Border Drone Stalking Deep within the State of Texas On Texas Citizens
(If this was done by the order of the President, then I am happy to serve you!)

Charge 6. Federal Data Manipulation, Hacking

Posted by Gregory O'Dell at 10:32 PM  

Who in There Right Minds Would Want To Be Normal?
Not Me
Can You Believe My Shop Was Swatted by Police Two Times?
Poor Guys Had To Review  and Read Page After Page of  Boring Philosophy Papers
"Pay Backs are a Bitch!"

“Whoever intentionally obstruct the proceedings before depts., agencies, and committees, obstruct this criminal investigation and/or retaliate against me because I am a victim, you will be punished to the full extent of the applicable law in 1505 of Title 18 Obstruction of proceedings before depts., agencies & committees, 1510 Obstruction of Criminal investigations, 1513 of Title 18 Retaliating against a witness, victim or an informant, or 1514 Civil Action to restrain harassment of a victim or witness. Whoever intentionally alters, destroys, mutilates or conceals records, or documents with the intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding will be punished to the full extent of law as defined in 1519 of Title 18 Destruction, Alteration or Falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy.”
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