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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Follows up with a letter to Congressman Pete P. Gallego Pleading for Relief

 "When it all started and now you must bring closure to the torment of me and my family by parties known and unknown to me but known to you."

Dear Congressman Pete P. Gallego                                                                                         

Background To Letter Received by Your Office 09/14/2012 "When it all started and now you must bring closure to the torment of me and my family by parties known and unknown to me but known to you." You have had one year to assist with legal representation and the FBI has yet to file a criminal indictment against my representation in Texas or those that bring harm to the harmless, me and family members - your constituents. 

We are all victims of Texas Governor Rick Perry political games that obstructed justice, retaliated against a credible FBI informant, victim and witness, without any thought of any compensation concerning acts of terrorism, while the Governor has become a National Security embarrassment to all.

Gregory N. O’Dell
1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069
Tel: 830-429-1965

The Attorney General of Texas                                                                                                                                   October 31, 2012
The Honorable Gregg Abbott 
c/o Octavia D. Thompson
Victims of Crime Compensation Office
Post Office Box 12198
Austin Texas 78711-2198

RE: Claim Number VC09141261 and other pending cases Rene Pena Texas District Attorney Wilson Co.     

I received you letter on Monday October 29, 2012, requesting “a written explanation for the failure to comply with 30-day deadline“  with a good reason for the failure to file within the 30 day period. I called your office requesting assistance explaining the reason I did not file for reconsideration is that Mr. Manny from your office stated that no crime was committed in his opinion because I followed the Merck sales representative instructions in my doctor’s office, to replace my pain medicine with a new miracle drug called VIOXX that replaced all narcotic therapies. Therefore; I was not poisoned and voluntarily ingested the medicine by my own hands. 

Further, I was visited by Human Health services at the instruction of Mr. Manny to substantiate (and other reasons unknown to me yet requested by the FIOA); that I am in fact a severely disabled Texan and a matter of fact harmed and met the criteria of  “Must of suffered personal injury, threat of personal injury or death as a result of a crime." My social security records were reviewed by Human Health Services, which substantiates resuscitation from sudden death by defibrillator two times within a 72 hour period and six month coma including meningitis, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and many other life threating conditions, related to the crime; concluded with one year of hospital and house bound home physically therapy. I am now 100% disabled for over 10 years, living on the mercy of others.

Further, Mr. Manny instructed me to seek expert counsel if I disagreed, so I appeared before  Rene Pena District Attorney Wilson County Texas  in 2009, who told me he would not pursue criminal charges because my rationale was not reasonable at the time; however, after a five year criminal investigation by the FBI and Justice Department, criminal convictions were made against Merck and other parties are still in prison for their crimes without my knowledge, the victim of a crime brought before your office and my Texas district attorney ; never notified until I saw the convictions on the web, two weeks ago, October 2012, which are very good reasons (good cause) that substantiates why I was unable to comply with the 30 day limitation.

In addition, I have filed further charges of retaliation, stalking, among other criminal activities with the office of Rene Pena in June 2012, associated with the visit from Human Health Services to our farm directed from your office, and a series of crimes against me a disabled Texan, that I have not received a response as of this date, not associated with Merck but is associated with my original claim VC09141261, which I am also requesting compensation for the damages over a five year period. 

Please verify these additional criminal cases brought before Rene Pena, copied to Henry Cuellar my Congressional Representative and delivered via overnight delivery Fedx weigh bill number 8009 5237 9212 to the Honorable Eric Holder United States Attorney General Federal Victims of Crimes office, last week.

Lastly as matter record, in reference to the criminal conviction of Merck and other parties and crimes against me, I immediately followed the instructions of your office, contacted Federal Agencies and answered all questions asked of me, when I called your office two weeks ago, as the following documentation indicates:

Dated October 22, 2012

I received no compensation from Merck; although, I had a valid claim. Please review the press release below and full page copy attached to this document:

As per your office instructions, I have stated my Victim of crime reference number, supplied the latest information from the media, and made a statement that I received NO compensation from Merck for their criminal actions. 

Please, review the claim submitted VC09141261, and assist me with compensation as requested on that claim, with the additional information that I am still 100% disabled, live in poverty, a caregiver for others, and have earned no income sense the dates shown on my original claim.

Thank You

Gregory O’Dell

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