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Monday, September 2, 2013

Gets Ready for School No Time for Fantasy Football

The Tea Party Orwellian Lie 
The School of Hard Knocks

Get Out While There Is Still Time!

Why Red Is Dead?
But There Is Still Time for Republican 'Softies'

New Series: 

"What Is The Popular View of Texas Border Districts vs. Experts"

vol I -  VA Back Log “Blame It On Veterans Not On Texas” Data Integrity

The Politically Popular View: "It's the Veterans Fault"

“On Friday, July 19, [2013] U.S. Senator John Cornyn met with Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Executive Director Thomas Palladino and local Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) regarding the ongoing backlog of claims at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). While VSO representatives were able to discuss the backlog issue with Sen. Cornyn, they also had the opportunity to boast positive improvements and present new solutions and programs in Texas.”

"While central Texas Veterans experience some of the longest delays in the nation, the state is also nationally known for leading the way on Veterans' issues [Please be more distinct when you use the phrase 'Central Texas' are you talking about North, South, East or West]."

"I was the ignorant Veteran; I did not know how to file my claim," Bastaich said at the Sen. Cornyn meeting. "A lot boils down to education and getting the word out that offices like mine exist and we're out to expedite the process. The best way to get the backlog reduced is to use the fully developed claims process and more Veterans service officers to process claims."

After waiting over 15 years for a partially correct determination, my personal experience, and thousands of other South Central Texas Disabled Veterans, it is not the case of your ignorance but the case of a data system with “Quality Assurance Programs Hard Wired to Favorable Responses.”

Ask yourself this question, "If I was wrongly accused of a crime, would I go to court without a lawyer and try to defend myself?" Well it's no crime to file a valid VA claim but veterans have been educated by Texas Leadership for over a decade to use the web to defend their claims.  The VA gov web page  is trustworthy and I highly recommend every veteran, healthy or not, to register and get a valid Veterans VA Card ASAP!

The “Process Your VA Disability Claim” web site is a Bush Era Clearing House site that needs as Senator Cornyn  agreed "Texas' efforts to recruit more VSOs and Veterans into the backlog reduction process should serve as an example to the rest of the United States."

I agree, "With a backlog of 75,000 claims and 600,000 claims paid to people who never served in the Military during the Bush years - should go down in history as an example to the rest of the United States!

This is also a true statement, “Initiatives such as the Texas Veterans Commission's 'Beat the Backlog' Clinics and Strike Force Teams have proven successful in assisting Veterans with getting their claims processed faster by the VA," said Sen. Cornyn.”

If half of South Central Texas claims are in Kentucky [Other Claims Not An Authority of a Senator or an incident in Texas, which is illegal to use VA entitlement to target opposition and receive the usual preliminary denial letters from the Bush era Veterans Clearing House like I just did, you should take that paper work to the VA clinic, where you can find experts that "develop claims" as if you were going to prove your case in a Criminal Court of Law

The undue punishment that comes with the false belief,  "It's the Veterans Fault" is a three to four year denial of health entitlement services - or why I wrote all my Texas representatives State and Federal, who thought my notes were frivolous and it looks like they are still saying, "It’s the Veterans Fault" don't blame it on Texas.

See full report: "E-Vets Newsletter August 30, 2013"

The Experts: That Actually Live in South Central Texas 

"It is a Systemic Problem that is made far worse by the GOP forced Sequester instead of an intelligent balanced approach."

Don't make the mistake thinking their view as a political view, because it is a bipartisan group of educated experts trying to tell Texas leadership what went wrong and how to fix it!

The following is a Congressional report just like the one we received a year ago, suggesting what actually works, "The best way to get the backlog reduced is to use the fully developed claims process and more Veterans service officers to process claims."

8th Annual Border Health Conference - Laredo, TX
August 31, 2013

Congressional Report

On Friday, August 23rd, I co-hosted the 8th Annual Border Health Conference in collaboration with the Border Health Caucus/Texas Medical Association.

 This was the first time the conference was held in Texas and on the border.  I was pleased to welcome representatives from the Mexican government, at the state and federal levels, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Texas State government, among others. Some of our notable attendees included:
•Hilda Davila, General Director of International Relations, Mexico Health Secretariat - Mexico, D.F.
•Alfredo Rodriguez Trujillo, Director of Epidemiology, Tamaulipas State Health Services
•Hector Gonzales, MD, Director, City of Laredo Health Department
•Jose Luis Velasco, M.S.W., Executive Director, U.S. Section of the US-Mexico Border Health Commission
•Dr. Jeremias Guzman, Institute for Mexican Abroad, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Federal Government - Mexico, D.F.
•Hector Gonzales, MD, Director, City of Laredo Health Department
•Al Almanza, USDA Food Safety Inspection Service Administrator
•Humberto Garza, District Staff for Congressman Filemon Vela, US Representative for Texas’s 34th Congressional District
•Robert Harris, Commander, US Customs and Border Protection
•Video message from Congressman Michael Burgess (TX-26)
•Joe Ibarra, Latino Engagement at Enroll America of Texas
•Chris Traylor, Chief Deputy Commissioner, Texas Health and Human Services Commission


Notes and Citations: 

"What Is the Popular View of Texas Border Districts vs. Experts"

"We Can Track Anybody We Want In Texas 'Senator John Cornyn'"

"The Actual Truth Is Not Always a Popular Tea Party Lie"

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