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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Great GOP Covert Hope Busted Utah Attorney General Investigated

They Way The GOP Governs 
Is A Violation of Federal Law

Update: The Daily Double 
“Texas Covert Human and Drug trafficking 2000 – April 2009"

Note: Texas X-Governor RICO Perry signs RP08 before the 911 Attack - He must have seen it coming?

He Must Have The Goods On Somebody or Why He Is Not Behind Bars Today!

The Goods On Somebody = Fellow Conspirators Against The United States of America 

They Way The GOP Governs 

Utah Attorney General Expected To Resign Over Investigations by the Federal Trade Commission

Many people advocate for free speech; however, few ever consider the choices they make could be predetermined by their own language. The way we think is vastly influenced by our own inner talk. What we say to ourselves in the quiet of our minds can and does determine how we understand.

If the relativist must accept (P •~ P) his world he creates by relative association and the possible world that contradicts his realty, then acceptance is the determinant problem in a case which means a shared belief, we accept something to be true as other(s) believe, even if it is false. If truth was a competitive proposition then we can say the fittest makes the reality we all share. The dominating principle operates in your own somatic domain or ‘reality dominion’ for whatever the causal relationship and all others must obey or overcome.  

Marketing software combined with electronic devices such as P.Solutions Software enables efficient access to your own somatic domain (Your minds’ eye in your own brain) and actually swayed previous elections by violating Federal law. A good example, Project: MobiSem:

“The R&D-Project aims at a mobile App-Framework which is capable to handle semantic RDF-Structures in on/offline mode and combines intelligent actualized semantic information.”  

If by linguistic relatively, our language restricts self-expression, then it makes good sense; the way semantic information is applied by electronic devices also restricts the way we think. Most importantly, what we say to ourselves today controls our very actions and he that controls semantic information controls your thoughts and behaviors.

Among the allegations in the original complaint were that Swallow tried to conceal his ties to a company, P-Solutions “The scandal that has been bubbling around Utah Attorney General John Swallow (R) since January has suddenly started to boil -- and may result in his leaving office.”

It’s of no consequence that our ease to interpret one language to another is rooted in some universal or a lineage of antiquity to a common great-grandmother: What we say to ourselves today controls our very actions. Inner Talk, what we say to ourselves in the quiet of our minds is the way humans understand.

If we analyze the essential features of the way we speak and the way we think, we can easily identify and redefine words or phrases of a particular cultural emphasis which predetermine our opinions. In other words, by applying a few principals of Linguistics, the way we speak, to the way we think, we can, with little effort, loosen the bonds of controlled somatic domain, guaranteeing our right to freely reason on our own. 

My previous mental picture of understanding or somatic domain was controlled electronically by marketing applications that violate Federal Law as well as international law into separate categorical universes rendering a common false belief: “East is east, and west is west; the twain shall never meet.”

Freeing one’s somatic domain of multimedia e-polutions is the simplest way to eidetic memories. Once our minds are free of useless aberrations we are, “able to recall or reproduce things previously seen with startling accuracy, clarity, and vividness (Microsoft).”

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The Great GOP Covert Hope Attorney General Investigated

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