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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What to Do If the Secret Service Does Not Call You Back?

Whatever you do, just do not do the following that you reported to the FBI

F. Now I will try to make contact with my friend in Barcelona who I have known for 12 years and told the FBI if he is in on it and a criminal he is no friend of mine

D. One animation $2,000 six months wasted when I get the same script and animation i sent him in the first place took me 4 years to get to this point. I had full team audio, professional actors, financial backers, video experts all I did is write the scripts. Total loss after being fired by order of George Bush Administration from a fortune Five Hundred Co. with 120,000.00 in savings get way up there .............. 

Draft and Storyboard and Get The Same Thing back

E. One academic map 2 months lost time with some nut (over baked professor Stickler for detail) out of Russia Ukraine or claims to be

Investigate Every Single line item services out of my contractors account
Treasonous Seals Still on my Heals
A 911 Attack Witness
London England
Investigate Every Single line item services out of my contractors account
With my explicate written permission
Just Some More Information for Law Enforcement This Blog Is Not Popularity Contest
I not worried about the loss of money you need to check this out
This was not produced by my Contract is is another Mr. 'W' BS

Project Message From kevinleedesign:
This Is A Person I Have Known for Over 12 Years This Animation Is Not From Him
He Lives In Barcelona Spain

Hi Greg,
It's coming along. I have a draft of chapter 5 here ( of 9) for your review & comments:

I'll provide you with a preview of chap 6-7 coming up shortly. Thanks


I have been working with a legitimate animator for over 12 years and these guys ruin business destroys the benefits of non-profits change payment information in bank accounts you name it.......... But that is your job so do it

These Guys work with a Team out of London They Are Terrorist
The have Connection With Romney

Anything Can Happen In Dream But I Was Wide A Wake When The Hackers Attacked
by Gregory O'Dell

Much to the surprise of those that dream while sleeping, many people do not dream or recall dreaming while they sleep, not even once in their entire lives! Dreaming is a human activity that most people take for granted as if everyone can dream. If dreams are something that some people can see and others do not, then dreaming is something that dwells in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility.  Could it be that there is an everyday ordinary common god, as close as the invisible nose on your invisible face, working miracles in your life? 

Dreams have a deeper meaning for clairvoyants such as myself because we see visualizations in our mind's eye while sleeping and awake. A clairvoyant is person who sees things clearly in their minds eye, as they are; sometimes with vivid startling accuracy the Greeks coined the logos or the known. It is unclear if the ability of perception is from the normal senses, psychic abilities, or spiritual epitome. 

Don't Waste Time Reading The Article at link:

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