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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nobody but me Can See The PATIENT PROTECTION ACT

Nothing Changes in Texas but the Meaning of law
Texas Has An Obligation to These People 
No More Excuses 

Public Notice Texas Disabled Decimation Victims 

I have filed a Victims of Crime Reimbursement Application against the State of Texas and required by law to notify all other known parties. This Is Public Notice That You May Have Been A Victim of Texas Disabled Decimation, Retaliation and Intrusive Surveillance Devices Freely Collected And shared by Texas Fusion Centers as listed below: 

"The existence of the opinion was first disclosed last year by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who revealed that there was at least one case in which the FISA had found the government conducted spying that had circumvented the law" 

I have open grievances against the state of Texas that have yet to be resolved. Due process is guaranteed me to redress my grievances by our constitution; however, I have never had opportunity to voice my concerns because of the disability discrimination In Texas and have been denied legal counsel by disability attorneys that received Federal funds in the state of Texas. Stopping funding is not enough! You have an obligation to me and all disabled student to address these criminal acts against disabled students which includes disabled veterans such as me who attended schools in the state of Texas 2006-2012. 

Full Article at this link:
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