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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

VA File Found Kentucky Golf Course Paul Rand Trying to Hide Biggest Crisis Political Carrier

 Accused of plagiarism, U.S. senator admits ‘mistakes’ in his office

I an’t no hater I am the guy from Texas that found my VA File on a Kentucky Golf Course. Why Don't work on the real issues it is now over 15 years overdue

First Posted September 5 2013
Stand With Rand?

You 'Stand With Rand' You'll Be Standing In Line A Long Time!

Live In Texas 20 Years Waiting on Valid VA Entitlements 

And They Still Stand With Senator Kentucky Paul Rand!

You Stand With Rand!

Look At the Headache I Gave This Guy!
I Don't Think He Meant Me

Somebody Said Shut-Up and 
I thought They said Stand-Up
So I Did

And Proud of It Just Say God Bless America!

I Think My Great Aunt Owns Some Minerals Rights 
Around Louisville?
How's The Weather In Kentucky?

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