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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blocked from The Terrorism Tip Page

Blocked from The Terrorism Tip Page

Or Do You Prefer Tea?
Blocked from The Terrorism Tip Page

On 11/15/2013 two separate requests from victims to Congressman Henry Cuellar “We Are Being Extorted Remove the Judge.” I explained that the police and FBI know and are handling this situation. I asked the Judge when It started April 2008 and when Senator John Cornyn told me to sue the Universality of Texas San Antonio, but I could not because they are ‘Criminal Cases’ and the Judges responsibility to get the investigation done were Billions in White Crime Is Involved. I went to her and the District Attorney several times and by consequence or by intent a diversion and attack such as Fast Furious on the attorney General Eric Holder each time; although, these events started before he was sworn into office. Barack Obama was still Senator of Illinois.

I believe what happen the Secret Service got a complaint about my brother’s videos and letters, which were a proper way of asking for help but he was tormented and his letters got way to strong and insulting. He served time in jail for it right or wrong Period.

In Addition, I believe the gathering of information found that we owned Billions in Mineral Rights and that information was shared to stakeholders and frauds. The assets and the liability of me harmed my Merck is the reason for at least one murder and all kinds of attacks that caused me financial decimation by stopping benefits, entitlements, fired out of nowhere, my grandmother is basically kidnapped and placed in room to die and forgeries. The threats over the last six years match what they said they would do, expect actually killing me or I could not be writing this. 

I also believe the oil refinery explosions are by these same people.

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