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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sets The Record Straight Tea Party Attacks on VA Claims

Dear White House Administration CC: FBI Texas Politicians Are Blaming the VA Backlog on Washington D.C. I Drove 500 Miles To This Event after receiving a scheduled time to go over my case. My job was bring the evidence. There job was to have my case ready for assessment. And They "Un-plugged my specific Case"

 Although, I had all the empirical evidence with me. Told Senator Cornyn in advance I would be attending? They should pay my travel expense. Now, I have to borrow money for food because they are promoting something that does nothing! False advertisement and a political Stunt Against The Obama Administration by Lt. Governor Dewhurst. You can see that not all Texas support Succession when there is a petition signed by more people against these corrupt politicians and against Texas Succession on Over 200 [I attended and fooled by an Anti-Obama Political Stunt] Veterans attend first Texas Veterans Commission "Beating the VA Backlog" event in Houston
Tea Party Texas Governor Rick Perry 
Military Attacks on United States Veterans

Refer to Atascosa Sheriff's Criminal Case for Hacking and Data Manipulation No. 12-0429 June 13, 2012 still not investigated by the Sheriffs Department Although I appeared before the Judge as a Disabled Texans and a plea to assist. This judge has history of corruption and influence by Governor Rick Perry; whereby, innocent people got to jail as political targets of the Governors Tea Party Rebellion April 2009. Reported to the OIG and Attorney Generals Office Eric Holder.

On Saturday, November 17, the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) hosted the first “Beating the VA Backlog” event in order to provide direct, one-on-one assistance to Texas Veterans with disability claims currently pending with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). During the event, 200 Texas Veterans received assistance on their backlogged claims from TVC State Strike Force Team members as well as TVC Claims Counselors.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst also attended the event and pledged State support of the State Strike Force Teams’ efforts.

“I want to make sure we take care of all of our Veterans,” said Lt. Gov. Dewhurst at the event ( “We’ve got over 65,000 Veterans who need help, and they’re having to wait a year and a half to two years for the [VA] in Washington to process their claims. In the state of Texas, we have supported, put funds into, our Veterans Commission to work with these Veterans who have put their lives on the line so we can be free."

During the event, Veterans, family members, and survivors talked to members from the TVC State Strike Force Teams and TVC Claims Counselors about the status of pending claims and additional development required for claims processing. Also, the State Strike Force Teams collected evidence for cases identified as missing documentation so that those cases would be ready for rating by the VA.

“The Texas Veterans Commission has been phenomenal helping me out with paperwork and giving me guidance which is allowing me to get things done,” said David Cardona, a Veteran who traveled from San Antonio to talk to a State Strike Force Team member.

Since the TVC State Strike Force Teams were authorized by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House two months ago, TVC has already helped more than 7,500 Veterans whose claims were stuck in the VA backlog and provided over 2,400 cases to the VA for action.

With the backlog of VA disability claims in Texas consisting of almost 65,000 claims, Veterans everywhere are experiencing extensive delays in receiving the benefits that are owed to them in service to their country. Two State Strike Force Teams consisting of eight claims counselors each are located at the two VA Regional Offices in Houston and Waco. These teams take claims that are backlogged and ensure that the claims have all information and evidence necessary for the VA to immediately process the claim.

The Houston event was just the first of many “Beating The VA Backlog” events around the state. On December 8, State Strike Force Team members will be in El Paso, and on December 15, they will be in San Antonio. In January, they will be in Harlingen and Dallas. Registration is now open for the El Paso and San Antonio events (see links below).

They contiue their drive acorss texas with false advertisement to draw suffering disable veterans to there political stunt - They should pay the price like we all did in lost time and gasoline!

Soultion: Unplug thier operation like they did mine and fine them for fasifilng information
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