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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Calls a Private Dick 'A Private Dick'

The Dangers of Brain Sensors 
The Great Awakening

I have been assisting people sense 2009, who real or perceived claimed to be hit by a bio-hazard device usually electrical; however, I did have one case where an individual claimed the focus of his problem was a fungus growth on his penis. 

I am not a licensed or practicing physician and always refer their complaints to law enforcement, if they do not respond with a report number contact your local FBI. 

This was a sober educated fellow, who resisted my advice from fear of police not taking his serious criminal allegation and investigating. Many times the public misunderstands the police as they sometimes challenge a person with a bizarre allegation to get to the facts. 

All law Enforcement personnel have now been trained concerning electronic exploitation, it exists and can be deadly. In most states it falls under ‘Human Exploitation Other______________’. 

Computer polymorphic infections could be a virus that change the chemical compounds in resisters or other electronic parts of a PC, tablet, or cell phone. These molecules can be hazards such as PCBs. They can be inducted into the body by ingestion, human sensors such as smell, injection, skin absorption, light, sound, electromagnetic devices, high voltage, ionizing lasers, and can incubate a recumbent virus. 

Many videos you watch on the internet use this technology as human experimentation some are begin other forms of intrusive devices are criminal and bring harm.

To create life all one needs is a vacuum tube, a pair of electrodes, saline solution an electric charge and light, to create life or living organisms such micro bacteria and fungi 1925. 

The human skull has all the necessary conditions to produce fungi, bacteria, and the building blocks of a recumbent virus. Causality is a set of conditions such as striking a match must have the conditions for striking and lighting the match; an action requires conditions to act. In other words, the picture of things is lighting up of a particular combination of immutable atoms.

Code Can’t Kill You: Bio-Chemical ingestion or changes in DNA such as Peron Can: “The polymorphic virus is one of the more complex computer threats.  During the process of infection, it creates slightly modified, fully functional copies of itself.  This is primarily done to elude the detection of a virus scanner as some are not able to identify different instances of an infection.  One method it commonly uses to bypass a scanner involves self-encryption performed with a variable key.  In order to create an effective polymorphic virus, a coder chooses from a number of different encryption schemes that require different methods of decryption, only one of which will remain plainly visible to all instances of the infection.  A virus scanner based on a string-driven detection would have to find many different strings, one for each probable decryption scheme.  This is the best technique for reliably identifying this type of virus.”     

Peron: A Disease as Old as Methuselah is known to be inducted into the human body by devices funded to finding cures to a disease is now in the hands of your local geek such as sound and laser videos. The latter Vedic Period of 300 BC to 600 B.C. is dominated by two philosophical views; the traditional Brahmin which deals with the embodiment of the unconditional self, and applied science, the birth of logic. Logic developed from competing theories of physical proofs accredited to Kana author of the vaiseskika sutra near three thousands years ago.

The vaiseskika sutra adopts the atomic principle of immutable atoms. The vaiseskika atomic view called padarths is a six fold classification of objects of experience: substance, quality (attribute), activity, generality, particularity, and inherence (Kupperman).  The contemporary Nyaya system of logic may be based on the vaiseskika ideology which develops much later; estimated to be two-thousand years old. 

Most Hindu schools of thought accept the fundamental principle of Nyaya logic; whereas, generality, particularity and inherence are logically inferred; substance, attribute, and activity possess real objective existence.

Causality for the Buddhist: is a set of conditions such as striking a match must have the conditions for striking and lighting the match; an action requires conditions to act. In other words, the picture of things is lighting up of a particular combination of immutable atoms (Kuperman).

Somebody had to say it just to get the proper information from experts to spell it out for us on the internet and multimedia devices, so we aware of the hazards that are scientific fact and have been around for over fifty years. The internet and hand held electronic devices have only widened the diversity of points of electronic attacks as well as making our lives safer.


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