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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Texas Privacy Why It Should Concern National Security

Texas Intrusive Devices
2 Years of Torment
Reported by Neighborhood Watch
The Danger of Texas Collecting Classified or Secret
Information and Sharing with the Enemy
Trespassers and Gangsters
Prompt for Collection of  Personal Documents
Financial Decimation State Sponsored Terrorism
Illegal in most States in Union April 2009

After the surveillance disaster and global meltdown by those of public trust, who cannot be trusted; a new horizon in device innovation is on the rise to protect the privacy of all United States Citizens. 
  1. Note The Date

2. Then The Smoke Screen 
To Stop The Prosecution
Obstruction of Justice

There is no limit to the design and manufacturing of trustworthy protective devices and targeting of those who entered our homes and bodies with the most vile disgusting Wi-Fi behavioral control devices that stole away our lives and savings! 

Under the Supreme Court Ruling Citizens United, any act using military force against Americans on American soil by a politician as political targets is considered high treason. 
The Torture of The Disabled Elderly Children
In Texas in A Violation of Federal Law
The FBI Must Act Now

I just do not understand why people complain about the ruling, when they can turn it around to their own benefit to protect themselves and family, which includes the use of Electronic Human Behavioral Control Devices known as non-lethal weapons and can be Bio-lethal or bio-chemical (Includes Big Pharmaceutical) attacks on Texans! 

Prosecution is the only solution - crimes against humanity trigger economic prosperity. "It Will Keep Us Safer." 

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