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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Covert and Overt Corporate Organized Crime Texas

USA Officer Rapes Six Old Prostitute

Quicksilver wars Another Texas Tradition

Cold cases of Murder for Hire from Quicksilver wars that have going on before petroleum made the list of Texas minerals will after the bankruptcy of the Republic of Texas that lasted less than George W. Bushes Term. Two months of loss time to Texas Hackers And the loss of research material, every night sense my vacation was cut short in Port Aransas Texas Junes 2013. Texas Port Aransas Police Department Bio-Id Aerial Attack 2015000001906

The constant harassment is retaliation because I swore before a Judge in Atascosa County with detail pages of my affidavit of physical presence test stating that I am a victim, informant, and witness to several events of mass destruction, most of which are single bombings. Additional details are listed with my IVERP documents and a matter of the Federal Government. 

The details no longer belong to me; however, what seem to be Quicksilver wars over nonpetroleum minerals at a time petroleum was not listed as a resource of Texas are still going on in South Central and South West Texas. Just recently, a tunnel big enough to drive A fully loaded firetruck with the siring going under the eyes and ears of border security for over 30 years was discovered last month. These operations that date back to tunneling activity of mineral theft of Silver before the annexation of Texas and Mercury after the annexation of border states such Texas, Arizona and California.

A Artistic Rendition of A Typical Map
1835 -1836 by a professional
Map Maker
Draft He made Minor Mistakes

Joe B. Frantz illustrates well what is the attraction of criminal minds as he describes a portrait of a profile in the forward to Quicksilver Terlingua & the Chisis Mining Company by Kenneth Rags dale 1917:

“H.E. Perry, who combined in his mean soul both the stereotyped virtues and blemishes of the Yankee entrepreneur. With equal unconcern he exploited men and minerals. Only profit mattered,”

He goes on to say, “While Perry lacked the flamboyance of Jim Flask or Jay Gould, he was a proper inheritor of a robber tradition.”

The Mexican State of Tejas which included New Mexico was well known for nonpetroleum minerals such as Gold and Silver that drew mercenaries at a price and a Mexican President finding the coffers empty after his lasts victory, banded together an untrained force to march and intercept a Silver Cache payment destined to Sam Houston for payment to build an army to over through the Mexican Government. 

Stepne F. Austin a Mexican National, was detained in a Mexico City Jail for Treason until he confessed that Silver mines in Santa Fe’ Tejas were slowly being shipping Silver Bars  over the last 24 months to by-pass the Alamo and in route to the Mercenary General Houston’s Army. 

The Abundance of Silver mines in Tejas along a trail from Santa fe to the mission Alamo is marked by the Silver Cache Detachment in military records that moved north as Santa Anna’s Troops rested and regained supplies west of the Alamo that was secondary concern for Mexican military commanders after the Mexican National Stephen F. Austin confessed to a conspiracy after being jailed for treason of large shipments of Silver to pay Sam Houston to invade Mexico. Once Austin was sure that all the ‘Defenders’ were killed fighting at the Alamo, he was granted a very large land tract were the city of Austin now is built upon. 

Today, revolutionary war tactics and weapons have become  more deadly and sophisticated; however, on March 6, 1836 the remaining ‘Defenders’ of Alamo did wait for a full house to enter the Alamo before detonating probably the original suicide bomb as a last act of defiance, killing hundreds and destroyed the Catholic Church the defenders were protecting. 

Most notably, the battle of the Alamo was a mining Corporate take over using the finest of of mining explosives.
*see High Tech Explosive Proliferation as the main concern.

A detonating device was lost South of San Antonio in 2010 that look much like a low level nuclear mining explosive detonation device, but I am not an expert on matters of nuclear devices but the media was very concerned.

Mission Accomplished

I am not a conspiracy theorist; I am a caregiver, human rights activist, and a stakeholder of Texas mineral wealth as well as New Mexico. I believe recent explosions reported in Texas by credible media sources such as oil refineries, oil pipe lines, and even private homes, have patterns to the crimes associated with mining corporations; unexplained deaths, the proliferation of high tech explosives that could be used in a terrorist attack, White Collar Crime, Theft of property and mineral rights. Oil refineries explosions benefit both the refinery and insurance company, as pawns to manipulate the market for profit by any means.  

It is a matter of fact Quicksilver wars have a history that is older than The Defunct Republic of Texas that lasted less than George W. Bushes Term. Mini-wars is the improper name for documented cases of Quicksilver wars and is common law in Texas. Many times attorneys overlook mini wars to drill or refine in another location by destroying the factory by explosions, thief of mineral rights including mercury, Silver, Gold, Gas, or any other mineral commodity on the market place, including crimes such as murder, threats, and White Collar Crimes, grand thief, forgeries, High Tech Explosive Proliferation that could be use in a terror attack, You name it too Tommy machines-guns in the 1940's and the mafia. 

Sophisticated tunneling carrying covert drug and human trafficking has expanded under the noses of homeland security by professional miners that have been in operation before the United States of America won her dependence on oil and gas supplied by BP.

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