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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You can Take Everything Away but not my little light it shines so Bright! 

They Gave Me Back My Silver Star 

Now that I have my Silver Star Back I Don't Need My Guns

Honorary Alamo Ranger Pin Given To Susanne Cash
By The Texas Ranger

By The Way, Today Is My Nephews Birthday, who just lost His Mother who Passed Away This Year
He Turns Six Years Old Today 
My Birthday just happens to fall on my Nephews Birthday, which is today.
I forget how old I am. Stop Counting Eons ago
Anyways my mission is over and my life has just begun. 

Mission Alamo Before The First Shot Fired
The Sliver Bar Tribe

Nobody Knows But Me Privacy Why It Should Concern Them
'County Hicks' Deep Fry The Frog If You Don't Have Pot To Piss In"
Something to Thankful for On 
Thanksgiving Day

Silence Is Golden

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